Jennifer Lopez In Swarovski Sunglasses


Have you seen the new video by Jennifer Lopez Live it up? That’s by the way the third collaboration between her and Pitbull. You probably wonder what brand of sunglasses she is wearing at the beginning. Although you probably don’t as you see the signature Swarovski sunglasses case. Those in fact were Amazing sunglasses from Swarovski collection.


Jennifer Lopez flaunts Swarovski shades just for a few moments at the very beginning of the video – but these seconds are really memorable. The sunglasses frame features facets resembling the ones on diamonds. These oversized shades look truly luxurious and perfectly blend into the atmosphere of a glamorous fashion show recreated in the first part of the video.

With many branded sunglasses you have doubts: do you really like the sunglasses or do you think they are great because the brand enjoys such a great reputation? With Swarovski sunglasses you always know for sure. These amazing sunglasses as if chiseled from a gemstone capture one’s heart at once. And Jennifer Lopez is not the only singer having flaunted Amazing sunglasses. A couple of years ago Christina Aguilera was spotted wearing this design. This accessory is becoming iconic.

Live it up is an ultimate summer hit. And amazing sunglasses are a super-stylish summer accessory. Nice mix.

Nautica Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013


Most branded sunglasses are about rocking summer street style outfits. When you look at some shades from recent collections you see them paired with elegant outfits, sleek accessories but bathing suits aren’t the first garment to come to your mind. That’s different with Nautica eyewear for spring / summer 2013 season.


If you don’t feel like exploring some urban sceneries this summer and would much rather surf, swim, sail and enjoy other water-related pursuits Nautica sunglasses and clothes are likely to appeal to you.

Nautica creations are not only fashionable – they are also functional. After all the brand strives to create clothes and accessoies that are beautiful, functional and ergonomic for water sports fans. The company deals mainly with men’s apparel, but there are also collection for women and kids.


The photos of Nautica spring / summer 2013 presentation are very different from what you’ve seen this season because of the unusual setting. The event took place on the top of Empire Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Even though the collection was presented on the rooftop of a skyscraper in a densely populated city of New York, the looks exuded the freshness of an ocean coast.

The Nautica sunglasses noticed during the event included classy rectangular shades, traditional aviators as well as dark sunglasses with a contrast frame. No frills, whatsoever – just high-level UV-protection and maximum comfort – all that you need when you are spend an evening on a yacht.


And for you to fully understand what the brand’s been up too lately – here is the fact. Nautica is getting 30 years old in 2013. You can now see posters featuring Nautica looks for 30th anniversary in different media. The most spectacular one is with John Zuanich flaunting Nautica sunglasses with a catchy double hinge, adjustable nose pads, spring hinges and other ergonomic features. Truly nautical fashion!

Tod’s Eyewear Spring Summer 2013 Campaign


As you know, Tod’s is an Italian brand specializing in leather goods. But apparently leather is not only a great material for shoes and bags. The brand’s designers skillfully apply their expertise when embellishing sunglasses. Check out the design of Tod’s sunglasses from spring / summer campaign and you’ll understand what this means.


Tod’s has created so many great accessories for spring and summer that they launched two separate campaigns – one for men and one for women. The setting of Tod’s campaign for ladies is a garden of roses whereas men flaunt new Tod’s creations against chic interiors.


The idea behind the men’s collection is the combination of brand’s traditions with modern tendencies. As a color palette for the collection the designers chose summer Mediterranean colors. This season’s Tod’s sunglasses for men feature leather braid temples which add a modern touch to classy aviator shape with a double bridge.


Tod’s women’s fashion campaign features so many spectacular accessories that they really overshadow the elegant and light dresses of the models. In the behind-the-scenes video you only see Edita Vilkeviciute donning the white sunglasses for a short moment. So check out the campaign photos for the details. The photo of Kendra Spears wearing purple Tod’s shades allows exploring the shades in detail.


These rectangular Tod’s shades look so unmistakably luxurious. The have a bow-tie shape and wide temples featuring a pebble pattern. This same pattern is also employed in this season’s wallets. To have a pair of sunglasses that matches your wallet – well, that’s really fancy.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to fully understand the spirit of Tod’s Spring-Summer collection. The photographer Michelangelo di Battista has created something really captivating – don’t miss the shot with Tod’s sunglasses!

Christian Dior Eyewear Cruise 2013-2014


This year is full of debuts for Raf Simons. Starting with fall / winter 2012 show he has been creating all the collections for Dior brand. So it’s already possible to say that he is doing great – all the collections are well-received. And on the 18th of May he presented Dior Cruise 2014 collection which by the way contains the most ravishing Dior sunglasses.

The show was held in the Principality of Monaco. So Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene graced the event with their presence. The event took place at Promenade Casiragh right beside the Mediterranean Sea – just the right setting for that something special that Raf Simons has prepared for Dior fans.


With Dior Cruise collection Raf Simons meant to create something “with energy”. That is why you can see an abundance of air-light materials (lace is the highlight of the collection), flying silhouettes and intricately designed accessories. The Dior Cruise sunglasses also feature a very energetic design: these are shield shades with mirrored lenses (a hit of Cruise eyewear for 2013-2014). The upper rim is decorated with colored elements.


This season’s Dior sunglasses resemble a mask a little bit – they are fairly big. But after all it’s a cruise collection. And truly cruise sunglasses are meant to provide maximum protection for the eyes and the area around them while being worn on board a cruise liner.


If you like these sunglasses but you think that they are too sporty, you can use Dior make-up trick – fuchsia lips. They add femininity to your look and accentuate the sunglasses’ colorful detailing rather than their sporty shape.

Dior Cruise eyewear is created in tune with the rest of Dior Cruise accessories: they feature a simple form and some color accents. Just what one needs to set the cruise mood.

Versace Men’s Eyewear Fall / Winter 2013-2014


You have probably already seen Versace ladies eyewear presented during Milan Fashion Week. They were slightly embellished with tiny crystals. But Versace Eyewear for men from fall / winter 2013 -2014 show demonstrates a way higher level of eyewear embellishing.

The runway show started with Jay Gatsby-inspired1920s-style checked suits with each next look being more and more extravagant and opulent. Many garments were made of leather and there was even a sumptuous fur coat.


The whole collection is meant to embody luxury. And so are the sunglasses. Versace men’s sunglasses feature a classic aviator shape and boast lots of decorative details – the temples are generously embellished with sparkling pattern. And the bridge is decorated with leather and a shiny rivet.


In fact embellished sunglasses are not considered trendy this season – stylists suggest wearing classy timeless designs with no frills instead. But Versace likes to go beyond the trends. The Italian brand creates its collection for those who like their clothes to be fun, for those who see their wardrobe as a means to express creativity and for those who hardly ever buy conventional garments and accessories – Versace knows its target audience and there is no doubt there will be a lot of fans of these embellished aviators.

Those who think that mens fashion doesn’t offer that much room for creativity and experimenting as ladies fashion does, should definitely watch the video of Versace Men fall / winter 2013-14 Runway Show – don’t forget to pay attention to the sunglasses!

Chanel Eyewear Cruise 2013-2014


As you all know cruise collection are created for those travelers who head for the warm countries when winter sets in. That is why Cruise collection pieces hit the stores in fall. But the runway shows like Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 are held around May. So now you have a great opportunity to see the Chanel Cruise sunglasses that well-off people are going to pack with them when going to explore the seas and oceans next fall and winter.

The Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 show was held in Singapore – actually the first time Chanel collection is presented in Asia. The setting was quite unusual – a colonial style bungalow. Outdoor thatched bars created a great atmosphere for the guests to chat about the collection – and there was a lot to discuss.

All outfits were elegantly accessorized. Strings of pearls were the biggest hit. These are perhaps the only neck embellishments that can never be “too much”. There were only four Chanel Cruise sunglasses designs but they are sure to match all women outfits in the collection.


The black sunglasses feature the total trend of this year’s Cruise collections – mirrored lenses. These shades come in three shapes. The catchiest ones have a distinct cat-eye shape and look really unusual with oblique bangs.


One more sunglass style features an original color solution – not often black-and-white sunglasses look that fresh. The right part of the frame is white, then there is a color twist on the bridge – and the left side is black.


If you want to admire these sunglasses in more detail check out this photo from Chanel Cruise 2013/14 Lookbook. The whole Chanel Cruise lookbook contains only black-and-white photos to accentuate the retro air and the silhouettes.

Exlore all the Chanel Cruise sunglasses in the runway video.

Tory Burch Eyewear Summer 2013 Campaign


The recently shot Tory Burch Summer 2013 video lasts only like a minute. Still it gives one a chance to check out all the recent summer garments by the American designer including four amazing Tory Burch sunglasses.


As the campaign video unfolds you first see the so called etched “T” sunglasses. At first glance they look like conventional rectangular-shaped sunglasses but in fact they are just packed with unexpected details. First of all, these are shield seamless sunglasses and second of all what first seems to be a plastic frame is in fact an etched pattern. As a result these Tory Burch sunglasses are incredibly light and you hardly feel them on your nose!


Paired with the bathing suits are Tory Burch summer aviators spiced up with a plastic-metal frame. These shades have an unmistakable retro air about them. And no summer is summer enough without a few retro-style accessories.


Of all the summer collection Magpie is perhaps the most outstanding design – it even starred at Tory Burch spring runway show. Rectangular-shaped sunglasses combine a catchy graphic pattern with wood. The signature T-logo looks spectacular against the wood background of the temple. These sunglasses are a great way to add some color to white summer outfits and they also look great when paired with other patterns: stripes, floral prints, graphics – whatever you can think of.


And last but not least are Classic sunglasses that really are classic in all respects – they have the most elegant rectangular frame and the universally adored tortoiseshell color.

In the very atmospheric campaign video Lara Mullen and Dree Hemingway are flaunting great Tory Burch sunglasses and outfits while enjoying traditional summer pursuits – lying on the beach, exploring the unknown streets and strolling around the local market. If you can’t yet escape to some resort town, watch the video – it will definitely set the summer mood.

Porsche Design Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 Campaign


To capture the essence of Porsche Design Eyewear from Spring / Summer 2013 collection, you should know some story behind the brand. What do you think a company is supposed to do when it has a surplus of creativity, know-how and skills? It should definitely expand its business! That’s the scheme followed by Porsche that in 1972 got a new subsidiary called Porsche Design Group due to the initiative of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (the grandson of the Porsche founder). Porsche Design now releases a whole range of luxury accessories from key chains to luggage pieces and of course perfect quality Porsche Design Sunglasses. This way the brand represents the whole lifestyle rather than just one of its aspects.

The behind-the scenes video of Porsche Design P’8000 Sunglasses 2013 gives you an insight into Porsche Design eyewear collection for spring / summer 2013. This collection perfectly complements the existing Porsche Design P’8000 items with twelve new eyewear designs. We are going to draw your attention to a few outstanding pieces from this range.


P8552S is a nice variation of aviators with a double bridge and adaptable ear loops. The sunglasses employ innovative Beta-Titanium for the frame and polyamide for the eye-rims.


In the video you’ll also see legendary P’8478 model which even has an interchangeable lens mechanism alongside with the light frame and unbreakable lens material. This design has undergone any significant changes since 1978 and still looks trendy. This season there is a wider range of sizes and colors. When you watch the campaign video pay attention to the gaze the models cast through the top-quality lenses at the very end. With these sunglasses you’ll get that same impressive look.

Don’t forget that in 2012 when Porsche Design collection was actually developed, the “pd” logo was changed for Porsche Design so now you can flaunt a really catchy logo on the temples.

All the Porsche design sunglasses benefit from the philosophy of a car manufacturer – as a result the shades feature no frills, are perfectly functional and are composed of the most innovative materials. These sunglasses are sure to cater to the taste of people who value quality above everything. By the way Yoko Ono demonstrates great brand loyalty by having worn Porsche Design sunglasses P’8479 on numerous social occasions.


Christian Dior Eyewear Fall / Winter 2013-2014


Have you already seen Christian Dior fall / winter runway show which took place on the first day of March? If yes, you must have spotted very impressive Christian Dior sunglasses! The brand really flourishes under the direction of Raf Simons. And in fall / winter 2013-2014 collection the designer compared his own vision of fashion with that of Christian Dior himself. He actually borrowed interesting fashion details from the past and breathed a new life into them.

Accessories featured by the models really caught one’s attention. Particularly shoes with unusually placed heels and bags with Andy Warhol shoe illustrations on them. There was just one pair of sunglasses featured during Christian Dior fall / winter 2013-2014 runway show – but its exceptional design was worth dozens of conventional shades.

Christian Dior sunglasses from fall / winter 2013 represent a very original application of butterfly shape – the lenses are slightly curved in the upper part and that creates an impression that there actually is a stunning butterfly resting on your face that is just about to fly away. The shades feature a metal frame and the lenses extend beyond it taking the concept of oversized sunglasses to a new level. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such an out-of-this-world piece of eyewear.

The shades looked really gorgeous when paired with a casual couture knitted dress in black-and-white tones. This dress combines both sophistication and functionality (it’s really warm) and the Christian Dior sunglasses are a perfect addition to it.

Jennifer Aniston Spotted Wearing Aviator Eyeglasses


If you want to pick out a fashionable elegant garment – look at Jennifer Aniston and get inspired. The clothes, accessories and eyeglasses Jennifer Aniston wears are so immaculate that the photos of her everyday looks may be turned into a fashion lookbook.

And know that the “Friends” actress started wearing prescription glasses, all the specs wearers around the world can copy Jennifer Aniston eyewear style. She has already being spotted wearing a couple of great designs. The most recent is perhaps cool aviator specs that she wore for the premiere of Bette Midler’s Broadway play “I’ll Eat You Last.” this month.


It’s a really good idea to wear large aviator frames instead of the usual narrow ones. You can find a similar style in Mykita collections. Check out the Bent design by Mykita – this one will totally help you to rock Jennifer Aniston look.


Last year the 44-year old actress flaunted a geekier eyeglass design by Ralph Lauren. This one featured a plastic rectangular frame and tortoiseshell color.


Another favorite eyewear brand of Jennifer Aniston is Oliver Peoples. Wayfarer-like prescription glasses that she wore back in 2010 is a nice addition to the elegant outfits and straight hairstyles favored by one of America’s most favorite actresses.

It goes without saying that all Jennifer Aniston eyeglasses feature timeless elegance and flawless style. The actress once caused Rachel hairstyle craze when lots of her female fans wanted to have the haircut of her character in the legendary “Friends” sitcom. Now it’s pretty clear that thousands of her shortsighted fans would want to buy Jennifer Aniston style prescription aviators.