Diane von Furstenberg Sunglasses and Eyewear: DVF Gives Us a Peek at Her New Line

DVF 2010

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg unveiled her new signature eyewear at The Vision Expo in New York City, where the latest trends in sunglasses and optical wear were shown to the trade.
Although the iconic designer has attached her name to glasses before, it has been years since she’s had signature lenses on the market. Trademark DVF details — iconic lips, power stones, love knots, and even the prints of her famed wrap dresses — are beautifully translated in a variety of materials into more than 20 different styles of sunglasses and more than a dozen looks created for prescription optics.
Wearing one of her print dresses, von Furstenburg popped on a smart pair of gold-toned aviators from her new collection — noteworthy for the orange accent at the brow — and urged us not to be so afraid of making a spectacle of ourselves when sporting four stylish eyes.
Publicist: There are some vivid frames in this collection: teals, oranges, yellow. You’ve even got prints inside the arms of your frames. These are not timid glasses.
Diane von Furstenberg: Glasses are a wonderful accessory. They should make a statement. I think they can make your whole look brighter, more interesting.
Publ: Which glasses will we see on you?
DVF: I’m always a big fan of wrap glasses! [Picks up a tortoise-shell pair accented by love knots and pops them on.] But I also think these aviators are great. In the city, on a day like today, I would wear them, of course, but I wear them all year round in the city. Strangely, the only time I don’t wear my glasses is when I’m hiking. I suppose I should, but I take them off because I like to really take in what’s around me.
Publ: So many women are afraid glasses will detract from their beauty and wear contacts instead.
DVF: I think of them as something that can enhance your beauty. To me, they are like makeup — they are an accent. They can bring color and light to your face and make you more beautiful. Try some on [she motions to her eye area]. They will add something to your look, not detract from it. Don’t be afraid of a strong look.
Von Furstenberg’s collection, is available through

Yves Saint Laurent: Women eyeglasses 2010

YSL 2010

We put aside the sunglass line, and dedicate ourselves fully to the new frame collection for next season, a line of glasses that also features models that have slightly retro and vintage influences, enhanced by colors and shades very special and innovative that will certainly be appreciated by all those who seek an eyeglass, as well as the comfort and practicality, charm and style unique.

The newest line of frames Yves Saint Laurent, is based on the classic game of shapes and materials that enhance these little gems even more modern eyewear.

These frames made entirely of acetate on which rods and applied a small metal plate on which the house logo stands triumphant in question. Very special are the nuances and shades chosen to present this new line of eyeglasses: it goes from classic black and natural shades like warm beige-pink, amber, brown and declined in all its nuances and possible imaginable.

A collection that will collect a huge success gra all lovers do an elegant and charming style.

Prada introduces Postcards Sunglasses audio-tale

Prada Postcard 2010

Prada Postcard 2010

Outside of every great metropolis is its great escape. This alter-ego is not antithesis, it’s the same self in different guise, a transformation that reveals something essential about both. Biarritz completes Paris. Milan unwinds into Forte dei Marmi.
Montauk is a soft reflection of Manhattan concrete. London to Cornwall, Lisbon to Setùbal and Los Angeles to the endless Pacific with Santa Monica. One is the brighter, lighter twin, a coquette displaying herself in the sun with girlish delight.
Resort towns can be elegant, demure or honky-tonk, but they’re essential to balance the seriousness of the cities where we send our breezy postcard messages, open faced, like a palm, that everyone – even the mailman! — can read along their route: “Wish you were here.” The sun hits the sea in glints and cuts through the accumulated grime of city life. By the time the postcard arrives back home, chances are the author has moved on. It’s a relic of a glistening moment, now in the past.
The Postcard Sunglasses capture that other side of the city, that voice captured in that light, happy scrawl, and the person into whom we transform as the city fades behind us, and the glimmering sea appears in the distance.

Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection Marc 2010

Continuing with our overview of the new collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses for the new season spring-summer 2010, today I want to present a truly unique sunglass line that addresses a specific target and slice of audience ranging from 20 to 45 years. Let’s talk about women who love a simple, yet very refined and sophisticated, fashionable style enhanced by specific types of materials of consistently high quality.

Marc Jacobs 2010

The line that I submit to you today is designed by Marc Jacobs, the famous American fashion designer who began his career in the early ’80s and continued to achieve success after another thanks to his numerous collaborations, one of with which the great French fashion house Louis Vuitton. A real fashion designer known worldwide for his creations always full of charm and sophistication.
And ‘from this concept that is then born the new line of sunglasses for spring-summer 2010, a collection in which the atmospheres are very strong and those vintage chic, whimsy with some interesting details given by some punk, very original and out the lines.
With regard to the frames start from a classic aviator style in metal and acetate lens drop and ultra thin rods, made of very different fashion colors that reflect the style vintage shades that have as their base color to the color gold. Within the collection are also chic and retro-looking glasses frame with oversized butterfly bars on which there is a small string of pearls, a detail unique and special.

Matthew McConaughey Sunglasses


RB 3025

So this might be a record or something, but we’ve now spotted Mr. McConaughey in 4 pairs of Ray-Bans. I guess it’s safe to say he has a thing for them. So this is the classic aviator style, but with the new slipt color pattern going on; it’s half orange & half silver. It’s kinda fun and there’s a few others like purple/silver, red/white/silver, black/silver.

Balenciaga: sunglasses chic


We have noticed that the frames of sunglasses you are wearing an air of chic, retro and very intriguing, almost like an accessory with which to emphasize more their femininity and their seductive capacity. Moreover, thinking of the divas of the past with these sunglasses frames with huge, often black, the first thing that comes to mind is to secure their being enormously enchanting and mysterious features that have been lost with time until get to hide or conceal completely, our feminine nature and intriguing.
In this regard, today I want to present a pair of sunglasses Balenciaga really very special atmosphere that reflect past, when these glasses were considered genuine accessories that you could not do without. This is a very special and intriguing subject that will appeal much to all those who love the chic, elegant and vintage.
The glasses in question are very specific: the frame slightly hardened and very rounded, almost exasperated with the slow nuanced shades of brown. The rods, connected through the lenses of gold metal inserts are not linear and simple but have a very unusual wave shape, a detail that gives this pair of glasses look slightly more vibrant and ironic.
A frame that will appeal to lovers certainly a bon ton style with a touch of originality anymore.

Jimmy Choo: sunglasses collection 2010


Today I want to refer exclusively to women, more precisely, the entire audience of fashion addicted who consider fashion a real philosophy of life, an element without which they could not absolutely live. I want to refer to this section of the public because the glasses that I propose today to see the world of fashion lovers, for those who just feel even name the Jimmy Choo brand fall into a sort of total ecstasy, just as happened to the famous protagonist I love shopping, which, facing a pair of Jimmy Choo absolutely could not resist.
Today I just want to tell you about this brand so much loved, but not in terms of shoes and accessories, but in terms of sunglasses. The company has launched its latest sunglass collection for spring-summer 2010, a line of sunglasses charm and style undisputed.
In general, this new collection is greatly inspired by the atmosphere of the 60s and 80s, with clear mold frames back, sophisticated and etiquette with strong hints of vintage style eighties. These are sunglasses that reflect fully the philosophy glamorous and chic Jimmy Choo brand for years a symbol of class, elegance and trend.
Particular and of great interest are the three models ROCK, Charley and DYLAN. The first refers to a frame with its ’60s style, a sleek design made it even more special and intriguing by the presence of a small Swarovski crystal square. The second frame and adapt to a girl who loves sports prophetic style aviator sunglasses with lenses, drop, and have the acetate enriched with small studs. The third model is inspired by a decidedly more rock and aggressive style with a wraparound shape and decorated temples in the initial part of a Swarovski crystal and three stars in metal.
Glasses unique that surely will have a great success among the people of fashion victims.

Versace’s sunglass takes its inspirations from the classic baroque designs

Versace 2010

Versace’s new Fall/Winter 2010-2011 sunglass range takes its inspirations from the Maison’s chic, classic baroque designs, reinterpreting them with the exciting advertures of Alice in Wonderland Spring Summer 2010.
The fantasy world of Alice is a gateway to combining colours and materials with total freedom, where imagination explodes into a mega-mix of lines that alternate, overlap and intermingle . This visual whirl explores a game of optic effects and dazzling mini patterns.
The arms display the Versace Medusa, an unmistakable symbol of the Maison, applied in an elegantly raised bas-relief technique.
The acetate frames motifs are vibrant (fluorescent tangerine, fluorescent yellow and lilac) combining perfectly with more classic shades (black, tortoiseshell).
Versace 2010

Versace 2010

Versace 2010

The Alice in Wonderland inspired designs, presented on the front frames and the arms, interact with contrasting opposites: monochrome background.
Contrast rules: where there is black, there is a design applied fluo tangerine or yellow background.And vice versa.
This new Versace Sunglasses Collection triumphantly captures the defining elements of today’s fashion scene and Versace’s rock and roll.
Versace 2010

Versace 2010

Oakley: Sunglasses echo

Oakley eco

In recent years the issue of respect and care for the environment has become increasingly present, there are many companies and manufacturers of fashionable band in general who are trying in every way slavaguardare of the planet through small steps, by reducing pollution caused by materials used to that produced by the machines on all holdings. There are also many brands of eyewear that have decided to support this important cause.
And ‘just in this context that today I want to present an idea proposed by Oakley in collaboration with Bob Burnquist who has long promoted initiatives for environmental and natural resources on our planet in order to preserve and make them subject to destruction by man.
From this combination of Oakley eyewear manufacturer of highest quality and Bon Burnquist was born a line of sunglasses Gascan limited edition completely eco-friendly techniques and materials, namely low environmental impact.
The frame of these glasses has been realized with materials recovered from the production of other Oakley glasses and has some interesting and innovatini inserts bamboo. The case is also made of bamboo, with the use of other materials such as biodegradable 110% natural fiber, while the final package was produced with recycled materials and printed with environmentally friendly ink. These materials are all of great quality but have the important value to contribute with small steps, to protect the planet and the environment around us.