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Marc Jacobs Sunglasses 2013 – 473/S

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Do you believe that fashion goes round? The new round shaped frame collection from Marc Jacobs has become the retro chic heritage during the Summer 2013 season. The new model MJ 473 / S is full of pure expression.
Fans of the 50′s and 60 years and fashionistas, аs well, will be fallen in love with these new Marc Jacobs sunglasses 2013.

Whether in bright transparent colors or dark horn-look, this new round frames looks very sunny and spring. Really MUST HAVE of the season.






Marc Jacobs Sunglasses – Runway Show Fall 2012


As winter is approaching in Europe, the Marc Jacobs has decided to break the darkness of time by a creation of an imagining pair of sunglasses, which are illuminated with bright crystals of Swarovski, last looks like the water drops – MJ 454 frames is available in silver and red colors. These sunglasses were used for the latest Marc Jacobs’ Runway Winter Show 2012-2013. The Marc Javobs brand, always known by its surrealist vision on fashion trends. These features were found in a vintage style of the round-shaped frame. To protect these unusual sunglasses , the first 500 cases are also incrusted by Swarovski crystals.



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Marc Jacobs Sunglasses – Fashion Campaign F/W 2012-2013

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Marc Jacobs – Red Dot Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses “Red Dot”

The work of Marc Jacobs has never been so unique and fun! After creating the feminine fragrance “DOT” , that literally brings all the fun and playful spirit of his new runway collection Fall-Winter 2012-2013, as an additional element, the brand presents a exclusive sunglass frame – MJ 455 / S. A red acetate oversized frame, which is decorated with black spots on the butterfly-shaped, or a ladybug in flight.

The novelty of the look is combined with the point of wearing winter collection 2012 Marc Jacobs : a high-waisted skirt bell-shaped decorated with appliques, hitting on trend this year; sensitized by pilgrim-buckled shoes crystal, with similar decotative elements.

Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses – Collection 2012-2013

MJ 456

The whole originality of the designer Marc Jacobs is presented in its new and irresistible collection of eyewear, developed in partnership with Safilo Group, for winter 2012-2013 collection. The amazing shapes of the new oversized models with a rangу of details and color combinations, which were created especially for women. The frames for men are seemed in classic forms of retro trends.

We offer you a variety of new trendy frames for next season Fall-Winter 2012-2013. Just have a glanse on anh amazing and pretty nice black frame embellished by a red daisy on stem.

MJ 433

MJ 434
MJ 434

MJ 437
MJ 437

MJ 428

MJ 429

MJ 430
MJ 430

MJ 432


Marc Jacobs Sunglasses – Fashion Campaign F/W 2012-2013


The brand new fashion eyewear Marc Jacobs marketing campaign gives you the whole set of strangeness of kitschy for winter season 2012. The affect on the idea of popular good brand. Extra-large frames, patterns and texture and color overlays obtained the main focus of the professional photographer Juergen Teller. The well-known giant hats (created by Stephen Jones) and also the parade of artist shoes buckle offer the vibe and particularly extraordinary for that authentic glances.

For listings of eyeglasses, rounded style offer to get the vintage feel of the brand for the season. A tribute to both characters of Dickens and also to the inimitable look of Anna Piaggi.


New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Fall-Winter 2012-2013


You would absolutely fall in love with fashion and Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection 2013.

Marc Jacobs got his status as New York fashion’s consummate showman. The set was magnificent and stunning. Imagined at the designer’s request by his good friend, the artist Rachel Feinstein, the design paper folly seemed like a damaged fortress. A pretend water fountain was located almost on the curving runway.

There weren’t the eighteenth-century in France. Marc Jacobs’ models wore pilgrim boots, of both the flat and stacked heel variety, attached with massive rhinestone buckles. And their crazy costumes, the fashion designer that he was impressed by the likes of Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, fashion eccentrics from the first order and mash-up artists a long time before the Sartorialist became available.

Piaggi has never gone anyplace with no hat, and Marc Jacobs had some doozies on the show Fall-Winte 2012-2013 in NY. Made of different colored mink, they tilted this way and dipped that, like something away from Dr. Seuss. The getups were just like off-kilter: Wool stoles were buttoned over coats made of woll worn together with patchwork dresses on top of popped trousers. Colors were all over the map; prints ranged through oversize paisleys to flowered pencil doodles.

It’s really amazing if a fashion designer can easily deliver audience falling out directly into the night time humming a pleasant ditty and feeling they’ve just seen the very best show in town. That had been precisely the happy feeling Marc Jacobs, fashion creator, made the event which combined fashion with live theater on a grand but curiously fairly sweet level. He placed on a incredibly unusual clearly show of cartoony Victoriana which oughtn’t to possess made impression on any kind of level, but ended up putting huge smiles of pleasure on faces and lifting mood.

Fashion Eyewear Marc Jacobs F/W 2012 Preview

MJ 403/s

Marc Jacobs has presented the preview of a new fashion eyewear collection for the F/W 2012 season. There are influences of the 80’s in this sunglasses line: purple gradient lenses, contrast lines, the glasses are finished in orange cut in the middle. The model is ideal as a unisex frame.

MJ 402/s

The new collection eyewear from Marc Jacobs includes vintage charm with new color combinations – a perfect union of forms, pop-eye and pastel colors in a strong style. Well-known silhouettes and proportions were developed for a definitive statement of modern style. The geometric shapes are accentuated in correspondence with color blocks.

We are also looking forward to see what new shapes we will get from the talented designer Marc Jacobs for this F/W 2012.

Preview: Fashion Eyewear Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign


The new Marc Jacobs fashion eyewear collection of this spring-summer 2012 ad campaign was presented by the photographer Juergen Teller. The presentation have become an iconic for its unpretentious with the rising Chinese star Xiao Wen Ju.

Marc Jacobs have his own point of view on brand fashion eyewear. For summer 2012, he presents the unknown Chinese model to the general public.

The new eyewear collection with large oversized sunglass frames correspond to the 70’s, amazing fresh and innovative color combinations – ideal recipe for a fashion success!


The pattern of ball, icon of the 50s, was hit in the major fashion weeks the world: New York, Milan and Paris. Marc Jacobs brought the whole collection in print, in varying sizes and innovative applications, decorating dresses, blouses, socks, bags and even (believe) glasses.