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Oakley Eyewear – Valentino Rossi Series




The Oakley eyewear sport company has presented the new Valentino Rossi Signature Series, a collection of special edition sunglasses. The new frames have several details such as Valentino Rossi’s, the best racer in the history of MotoGP, number and his colors.

With self-confident elegance and bold colors the design of the new fashion eyewear collection, dedicated to Valentino Rossi’s unique personality, is coined by openness and individualism. Yellow accents became the favorite color of the racer, very close to the sun and moon symbols on his helmet. This eyewear theme has also inspired with the design of customized MicroclearTM bags for storage and cleaning of the frame and wheels.

The design of this new eyewear fashion collection are genuine collector’s items, the Valentino Rossi reflect originality and uncompromising. Valentino Rossi is a nine times world champion. Proud seven of those titles he won in the MOR. He has consolidated his position as a legend of motorcycle racing with over one hundred victories in his career and is currently at 79 wins record holder in the MotoGP class.



Fashion Oakley Eyewear – Limited Edition Team GB 2012


There is some breathtaking event on the calendar for the year 2012. The real highlight of 2012 will be the Olympic Games in London. It’s going to be indelible impression not for sport lovers only. If you’re lucky enough to be going to the Olympic games in London, you might want to think about a Union Jack to wave and a fashion pair of limited eyewear edition from Oakley Sunglasses – Team GB.

Oakley Glasses Team GB Radar Path feature the dark blue color of our preferred athlete’s kits with red ear socks, Red Iridium lenses and the Union Jack in the Oakley Icon on the temples. These amazing shades also come with a Team GB branded cloth.



One more lightweight Oakley frame Team GB Flak Jacket XLJ is presented in blue colors with white highlights on the temples and ear socks, grey polarized lenses. They will block out any glare from glance surfaces such as water or asphalt. Just like the Oakley Radar Path, these sport glasses also feature the Union Jack Oakley Icon and the Team GB branded soft cloth.



The new limited edition eyewear from Oakley is comfortable and fit great. May be they were created specially for you!!!


Limited Edition Oakley 3D Gascan Eyewear | Adventures of Tintin

Oakley glasses 3D

Nowadays you have possibility to get special edition Oakley 3D glasses that will move you into amazing experience. They celebrate this holiday season’s release of “The Adventures of Tintin” the 3D movie directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Kathleen Kennedy.
The Oakley 3D Glasses The Adventures of Tintin Special Edition have a polished frame with art inspired by the movie, and it comes with a custom bag for storage and lens cleaning. Oakley is setting the standard for optical performance in 3D, and the design is optimized with HDO-3D technology.
Oakley 3D Gascan eyewear is the first optically correct 3D eyewear. These Oakley 3D glasses give you the best 3D experience. They’re the first 3D glasses made with high-wrap lens curvature for a wide field of view. Optics give you truer view of the colors projected by the film director for every shot. The new Oakley 3D glasses were made from lightweight frame.

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Oakley Sunglasses: Alonso is the new testimonial

We open this month talking about Oakley sunglasses, a brand symbol of quality and experience, well known throughout the world for its very special frames, adapted to live moments of leisure in all practicality and simplicity. Today, however, there will propose a specific pair of glasses, but we will talk about a new news that comes directly from the wonderful world Oakley, a news that will please all lovers of sport, one in particular. Let’s find out what it is.


Air of novelty and change in house Oakley after several members of the sport of cycling and more, the brand has decided to trust in very safe hands of Alonso Formula 1 driver who has been chosen as the face of the famous Oakley sunglasses in Europe and worldwide.
Thanks to the face of the legendary Fernando Alondo, Oakley will become even more loved and appreciated for his sunglasses designed specifically for those who love to live life every day in the company of a pair of sunglasses essential and, at the same time, strong quality through the use of exceptional materials and avant-garde.

Janko Tipsarevic for the new Fast Jacket Oakley Sunglasses


First product to be introduced to Europe during a major tennis event, the Fast Jacket Sunglasses Oakley will have as the main spokesperson tennis champion Janko Tipsarevic.

On the tennis courts, the choice of glasses is crucial to the game. The reflections of the sun and the heat waves emanating from the sand can impair vision, so athletes need the right combination of filters, anti-glare, visual contrast, polarization and color balance.
Thanks to SwitchLock Oakley, athletes can change the lenses of their Fast Jacket easily and quickly, to adapt the vision to weather conditions and keep the excellent performance levels.

Atmos & Oakley Capsule Collection


Atmos & Oakley team up for an unbelievable capsule collection featuring some of the most amazing sunglasses you’re liable to see this season. To kick things off, we see a pair of Jawbone sunglasses with a speckled glow-in-the-dark design, and the atmos logo on the arms. Next is the Frogskin, in a black-and-white ice cream speckled design.




Oakley 3D Eyewear For TRON: Legacy


Oakley has created a special edition that celebrated the distribution of TRON: Legacy, the long-awaited Disney film in 3D home.
“The first of TRON: Legacy Oakley has represented a great opportunity to bring movie audiences to unique innovations in our line of 3D glasses, ” said the CEO of Oakley, Colin Baden.


Symbol of the distinctive style of Oakley, the new “TRON” Limited Edition Gascan stands out for its 3D graphics that pay homage to the history of cinema. To complete the offer, a personalized box with Microclear ™ kit for cleaning lenses and carrying case for glasses.
“TRON” Limited Edition Gascan 3D sports lenses HDO-3D, a collection of exclusive new lenses, mounted on the first optically correct 3-D glasses in the world.


Oakley MP3 Sunglasses for the Music Lover

Oakley MP3

Everybody nowadays has an MP3 player, and if you’ve ever fought with dangling cables which get stuck on doorknobs, in your clothes or on your seat-belt you certainly know how frustrating how this can be. Well, for all those people living in a sunny are or going on vacation, Oakley has found the solution to these problems: they made sunglasses with headphones and an MP3 player integrated right in the frame!
When you want to listen to music, you’ll just have to flip the headphones down into your ears and start playing the music, this makes it easy for you to keep your headphones on even if you’re running or doing other kinds of sports, and it also makes sure that you do not loose your headphones somewhere since they’re always fixed to your sunglasses.
Should you be in some awkward setting you can easily imagine that using headphones which are mounted on these sunglasses is far more discrete than listening to music otherwise, you could easily do on a trip with your family without anybody noticing, or in the car when you shouldn’t be wearing headphones at all!

Staple x Oakley


Oakley has collaborated with the graphic artist and branding guru Jeff Staple on a six-piece, brightly hued collection of sunglasses. Staple, who owns Staple Design and the Lower East Side art gallery/boutique Reed Space, has brought a downtown electric cool to the sporty California eyewear label.
The collaboration was written in the stars — Staple was born in 1975, the same year that Oakley was founded — and demonstrates the evolution of the brand, which started out as glasses made out of motorcycle grips in the garage of its founder, James Jannard. In neon green, fluorescent yellow, shiny silver, bold white and a patterned blue, these shades are not for the faint of heart. But the stylish designs are still for athletes: the British Open golf champion, Louis Oosthuizen, won wearing the Staple x Oakley Radars.