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Ray-Ban Wayfarers Spring / Summer 2013


This spring / summer 2013 Ray-Ban has prepared something really special for its fans. And as there is hardly a person who is indifferent to Ray-Ban sunglasses, everyone, read on!

You know, how it’s a good idea to have some universal accessories that match most of your clothes and are acceptable to be worn all year around. But if you are a kind of person who likes “here and now” kind of lifestyle – that’s not your way. In winter months you probably wear something that is truly wintery, and around June you feel like buying a few undoubtedly summer garments. Sounds like you? Then don’t miss spring / summer 2013 collection of Ray-Ban wayfarers.


Ray-Ban designers just injected a dose of new trends into the legendary wayfarer design. The new additions to Ray-Ban selection are presented in two lines. There is a Ray Ban Wayfarer Surf Up line employing Hawaiian floral pattern and Ray Ban Wayfarer Patchwork with the pattern resembling patchwork technique. It’s really original to get inspired by the pattern that is often used for making warm winter rugs to create summer eyewear, but in case of Ray Ban it really works.


One can choose between two designs: the one with the temples only patterned from inside and the other with unusual coloring embellishing the whole piece. These undoubtedly look more summer when, for example, black wayfarers. And they are way more original than colored wayfarers that feature just one hue.


Pay attention to the Ray-Ban summer sunglasses with a wood-like texture. This one is extremely fashionable this season. As you see, not a single trend misses the minds of Ray-Ban designers.

The idea of adding a modern touch to timeless design with several strokes of paint is simple as all the brilliant ideas are. That’s how classy Ray-Ban sunglasses turn into ultra-trendy accessories.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Eyewear Style 2013


The Ray Ban ClubMaster sunglasses brings the hottest eyewear style for 2013. In addition to new and modern colors to the market, such as green, red and yellow. The model was launched in the 80s, precisely in 1986, and was inspired by a piece used by Malcolm X in the 50′s, thus becoming a reference in attitude.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster model has became famous for being the hallmark of Mr. Ripley film The Talented Mr. Ripley, besides being the darling of the rock world. Turned counter-culture reference, intellectuals and civil rights leaders, and in recent years has been gaining the fashion world and the streets as an indispensable accessory of personality and style.


New Ray-Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses


The Ray-Ban brand has launched a renew folding sort of its most widely used Ray-Ban aviator shades. It’s 8 hinges permitting so that it is folded in the bridge and temples. Available in 5 lens and frame combinations.

The brand new Ray-Ban Folding Aviator sunglasses bring a component of fun and space conservation towards the fabulous sunglasses. The tubular metal temples possess a hinged curve where you can fold your frames right into a lightweight that matches inside a unique more compact Ray-Ban lens situation. Polarized and Gradient very contacts make sure the style and protection that Ray-Ban shades is recognized for worldwide. The Aviator frames come with an very flattering fit for many face shapes and therefore are prescription friendly. A Ray-Ban logo design is available around the lens and temples. The foldable Ray-Ban s frame is the initial Aviator Large Metal shades.

Folding shades could be amazing. One of the most iconic eyewear shapes to ever be produced is now available in this incredibly compact size. Hinges have been placed on the temple and middle bridge and from what we can see so far, the sunglasses make a nice-looking compact and established impression. A series of colors of the foldable Aviators comes in this first release and each pair also comes in a custom pouch.

Both you and your buddies will love the folding Ray-Ban shades. Request anybody with a set of folding shades.


Limited Edition Collection Ray-Ban Ambermatic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban is praising their 75th birthday getting a unique edition capsule range of aviator shades. The Ambermatic sunglasses collection is inspired by Ray-Ban’s first aviator shades from 1937 and includes 4 gold-rimmed aviator frames with light-sensitive photochromic yellow lens, which darken according to light and temperature conditions.

Ambermatic contacts for Ray-Ban shades were the initial true photo chromatic sunglass lens that after combined with Ray-Ban gold plated and 10k and 12k gold filed shooter and outdoors type frames increased to become vintage of vintage shades design and optical quality novelty. The Ray-Ban Ambermatic lenses have photo chromatic features that change density regarding the quantity of both illumination and temperature. Taking its title within the hue of the lens, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses frames change from amber yellow color to gray and much more dark and denser in vibrant light conditions too as with cooler temps. And this is what you’ll want and imagine in vibrant sunlight or perhaps in a ski resort when glare in the snow can become an authentic problem. The Ray-Ban sunglasses brand was purchased from B&L with the Italian conglomerate Luxottica in 1999 then ignore Ray-Ban Ambermatic shades or photography enthusiasts were shaped.

The Ray-Ban Ambermatic contacts were often combined with classic aviator sunglasses frame additionally to Outdoors type or Shooter frames, similar to aircraft pilots. While aircraft aircraft pilots firstly used Ray- Ban aviator frames sunglasses while using eco-friendly G-15.

Fashion Eyewear – Miranda Kerr Aviator Ray-Ban RB 3025

Miranda Kerr RAY-BAN AVIATOR Large Metal RB 3025 Sunglasses

Need a lesson how to choose the best fashion sunglasses? Ask Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she knows how to present her best. Also she was the face of Australian fashion chain Portmans.

Miranda Kerr was in Sydney where she was spotted cavorting on a board of a classic mahogany Comitti motor launch. Just after her arrival Miranda managed to press a photo shoot for Vogue UK Magazine.

Have you notice an original aviator sunglasses Ray-Ban RB 3025?

Aviator sunglasses are also known as “Pilot shades”. This eyewear style was developed by Ray-Ban. These sunglasses cab be characterized by dark reflective lenses and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. Modern fashion eyewear models are often polarized.


Fashion Eyewear – Kirsten Stewart Sunglasses Ray-Ban – On the Road


Kristen Stewart plays Marylou in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel – On the Road.

Kristen Stewart’s journey from Twilight scream boat to versatile screen actress has taken her to some interesting .

Ray-Ban rb 4140

Ever since the official trailer “On the Road” and posters starting rolling out, we’ve been waiting for Kristen Stewart’s individual poster for her character.



Fashion Eyewear Ray-Ban “Legends” Campaign 75th Anniversary

“Aviator” RB 3025

The Ray-Ban Eyewear company has introduced the new fashion eyewear campaign “Legends” for the brand’s 75th anniversary. They showed their models of glasses that influenced the world and marked eyewear seasons. Each period was marked by legendary brand shapes and models of glasses: aviator sunglasses for the 30’s, wayfarer glasses for the 50’s, cat-eyes frames – from the 60’s till 80’s, John Lennon – the 70’s.

The Anniversary Ray-Ban Campaign looks so fashionable and harmonic, so truthful and alive. Take a pleasure looking the photo releases below!

“Cat-Eyes” RB4169 RB4152

Jonh Lennon RB 3447

“Cat-Eyes” RB 4126

“Geek” RX 5228

Ray-Ban Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 – Collection “Rare Prints”

rare-prints spring 2012 RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints spring summer 2012
RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer

Ray-Ban shows a Wayfarer RARE PRINTS special eyewear series. You can guess that it is no ordinary sunglass collection. This special FASHION EYEWEAR lone has combined colorful new patterns with the original design.

For the coming Spring-Summer season 2012, Ray-Ban the two new eyewear designs in their Wayfarer Rare Prints line. Both of them – Typadelic and Blocks – come in a series of color variations from the 80’s. Check out the new fashion sunglasses!

RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints 2012
RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1034 Original Wayfarer ray-ban summer 2012
RB2140 1073 Original Wayfarer

ray ban rare prints RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer rare prints ray-ban 2012
RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer ray ban springsummer 2012
RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer

Alessandra Ambrosio Wears Small Wayfarer Sunglasses

Alessandra Ambrosio Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio went Christmas shopping with her daughter, Anja Ambrosio Mazur, at the Grove in Los Angeles. Alessandra Ambrosio put on a small wayfarer sunglasses.

Alessandra Ambrosio Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are simply the most recognizable style in the history of eyewear. The Wayfarer shape is matching with the traditional Ray-Ban name logo on the sculpted temples. After its original design in 1952, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer rapidly represented itself to Hollywood, celebrities, musicians, and artists.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are accessible in a modern color palette allowing to express your own style and character. The Original Wayfarer sunglasses have been becoming a symbol of youth, fashion, and creativity for over 50 years.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are a must have for any collector or Ray-Ban enthusiast.

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Ray Ban for this summer will be impossible to give up his aviator!


We have to admit it: the Ray Ban are always, there is nothing to do! Just pronounce the name of this famous brand of eyewear in the industry that we can come up with its famous aviator who, with their simplicity and their class, they really made the history of eyewear in general throwing even the basics.
We’re not talking about anything earth-shattering, nothing extravagant or over the top, but a pair of aviator really super cool of the greatest fashion trend, which are distinguished from all others so far because they possess the characteristic of the proposed choice of color frame, available in several shades, all equally exceptional.