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Christian Dior Eyewear Fall / Winter 2013-2014


Have you already seen Christian Dior fall / winter runway show which took place on the first day of March? If yes, you must have spotted very impressive Christian Dior sunglasses! The brand really flourishes under the direction of Raf Simons. And in fall / winter 2013-2014 collection the designer compared his own vision of fashion with that of Christian Dior himself. He actually borrowed interesting fashion details from the past and breathed a new life into them.

Accessories featured by the models really caught one’s attention. Particularly shoes with unusually placed heels and bags with Andy Warhol shoe illustrations on them. There was just one pair of sunglasses featured during Christian Dior fall / winter 2013-2014 runway show – but its exceptional design was worth dozens of conventional shades.

Christian Dior sunglasses from fall / winter 2013 represent a very original application of butterfly shape – the lenses are slightly curved in the upper part and that creates an impression that there actually is a stunning butterfly resting on your face that is just about to fly away. The shades feature a metal frame and the lenses extend beyond it taking the concept of oversized sunglasses to a new level. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such an out-of-this-world piece of eyewear.

The shades looked really gorgeous when paired with a casual couture knitted dress in black-and-white tones. This dress combines both sophistication and functionality (it’s really warm) and the Christian Dior sunglasses are a perfect addition to it.