Vera Wang Sunglasses 2014 Salon Collection


Vera Wang… How gorgeous are the wedding dresses that she designs. It’s a shame a woman is supposed to wear her creations only once in a lifetime. Luckily she also designs a range of other fashion products like fragrances, evening gowns and also amazing Vera Wang sunglasses.

Vera Wang releases eyewear collections since 2003 – her sunglasses are distinguished by glamorous designs and muted colors. Vera Wang latest collection represents the essence of elegance.


If you like elegant sunglasses with contrast temple, you will probably like Sabina design. The sunglasses just like the most in the collection feature a cat-eye shape and come in taupe and tortoise tones.


If you are looking for gentle colors, check out Chrysanthe design in Iceberg color variation. The thick acetate frame brings out the best of this tone. Masami aviators that come in crème, brown and white will also be a good option to accessorizing pastel outfits.


For more extravagant fashionistas Vera Wang has designed angular Emi sunglasses which in addition to contrast temples feature a contrast bridge. The mixture of warm colors evokes an image of a summer dusk that is certainly great to admire through Vera Wong Salon sunglasses.

The eyewear piece that definitely stands out of the collection is Aya. The shades feature a clip above the nose bridge. At first it seems way too unusual. But when you see Shu Pei flaunting similar design in Vera Wang Spring / Summer 2013 campaign you feel the strong desire to try on the sunglasses with a clip. This is also because the photo is so great – lush greenery was chosen as a background for the photo shoot.

Vera Wang Salon sunglasses are so fresh and juicy – just what a woman needs on a scorching summer day.

Tory Burch Sunglasses To Wear In Summer 2013


Tory Burch defines the design of her creations as bohemian chic. So if you have the soul of an artist, take a peek into Tory Burch Resort 2013 and Spring 2013 Lookbooks and pay attention to the eyewear featured.


Metallic rim sunglasses are the ones that starred in Resort 2013 campaign. They can feature either a transparent or a sunny-yellow frame. The shape is slightly cat-eye and looks quite retro.

Spring 2013 campaign depicts the spirit of travel and adventure. The outfits of the lookbook for Spring are generously accessorized with adorned bags and shoes with colored heels – that is why the eyewear is simple and elegant: butterfly shades and oversized square sunglasses.


Butterfly design wasn’t very popular with eyewear designers this spring and summer. Still this shape deserves to be called timeless and universal as it suits almost any face shape. Tory Burch Butterly sunglasses come in a variety of elegant colors.


Oversized square shades are perhaps the most popular Tory Burch sunglasses design – the large gradient lenses not only protect your eyes from the sun but also don’t let the harmful rays reach the fragile skin around the eyes .


If you have decided to wear cat-eye this summer, but the metallic rim design is not what you want – Tory Burch has another option for you as well – cat-eye sunglasses decorated with studs. So even if you prefer to wear simple clothes in summer, with such a sparkly piece of eyewear you will always look glamorous.

Swarovski Couture Edition 2013 Sunglasses


What would you rather spend your savings on: a piece of exquisite jewelry or a pair of high-end sunglasses? With an item from Swarovski 2013 Limited Edition you won’t have to make this difficult choice because exclusive Swarovski sunglasses have it all: they provide perfect sun protection and they are decorated with crystals of different colors.

It seems like there are a couple of gemstone-flowers embellishing each of the lens whereas in fact each eyewear piece employs as many as 78 crystals set by hand – very intricate work indeed. No wonder the sunglasses are priced at $1300.

This isn’t the first time Swarovski releases eyewear. Although these are probably the sunglasses which the best reflect the company’s specialization. They are studded with sparkling crystals just as any item ever created by Swarovski.

In order to create these exceptional shades Swarovski has teamed up with Marcolin to benefit from eyewear-manufacturing expertise of an Italian company.

There have only been made 800 items of the precious sunglasses, but since the collection was released a couple of months ago, the number of pieces available has probably shrunk considerably. So if you want to flaunt this accessory the coming summer, you’d better hurry.

Frames of Life Ad Campaign 2013 By Giorgio Armani


“Frames of life” by Giorgio Armani is a breathtaking eyewear campaign that started in 2010. The idea is to represent not only the image that the eyewear piece is associated with but a whole lifestyle you adopt when opting for a particular eyewear design. And the news is that a couple of days ago the video of frames of life 2013 campaign has become available.

In this year’s video the scene is laid in a café in a big city square where the lives of several ultimately charismatic and stylish people interlace. The protagonists are Nina, the cellist who has just pulled off an audition; Luc, the writer who has recently had his first book released, Carlos – a waiter in a café who is obsessed with cinema and strives to become a film director; architects Lucille and Adrian – a couple in love about to move in together. What unites all the characters is the style and the brand of eyewear they flaunt – sure it’s glasses and sunglasses by Giorgio Armani.

All the eyewear items featured in the video boast immaculate design. Like the sunglasses worn by Luc feature a hinge that is actually made without using a single screw. The design is a refined version of classic pilot shape.


This black-and-white video captures one’s heart at once. It’s a blend of emotions, feelings and destinies. It’s like you get a chance to watch people’s lives and learn about their deep-seated worries and hopes during about one minute.

This campaign is not just an advertising tool – it goes beyond that. This is sort of a mini-film that one feels like watching over and over again.

The trailer is so appealing and engaging that you are sure to want to watch the upcoming videos that explore the life stories of Luc, Carlos, Nina, Lucille and Adrian in more detail on the official web-site of the campaign.

Watching this short video is like watching an inspiring film. See for yourself!

Galassia Sunglasses: Exclusive Project By Salvatore Ferragamo


In about a month Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques will be hit by a new sunglasses design which is called Galassia (Galaxy). The name is not accidental – the eyewear pieces by a renowned Italian brand will be decorated with studs meant to display stars. The embellishments feature three different sizes for a more lifelike effect.

This is not an ordinary pair of decorated eyewear – it’s a genuine work of art. The Salvatore Ferragamo artisans have attached all of the 253 studs on each piece by hand. It’s nice to wear something that required so much effort and patience to create. Another decoration piece is the laser-engraved logo on the inside of the temple.

Since you have to wait some time for these pieces to become available, you have time to decide which of the two color variations you are going to opt for. There is a black one decorated with golden studs and a brown one with gun-metal studs.

It’s really inspiring to wear jewelry-like eyewear. And once you put on Galassia design, only sky will be a limit for you and your goals.

The price is also kind of sky-high – around 500 euros. After all this is a luxurious piece of eyewear and the price makes it even more desirable.

Tom Ford Eyewear Fall/Winter 2013-2014


The womenswear collection by the renowned Texan Tom Ford presented during London Fashion Week 2013 is something really outstanding. The colors, the detailing and the accessories caused a lot of buzz among fashion mongers.

But what caught our attention the most were, of course, the glasses – the narrow cat-eye sunglasses of a saturated navy-blue color. The shape resembles Nikita design from the previous collection. But the new eyewear piece looks more sophisticated – it features a thin bridge, narrow lenses and sleek metal temples. And the good thing about this eyewear item is that impressive and spectacular as it is, it’s not the glasses themselves that catches one’s eye – it’s how your looks change with it. Your eye color seems more mysterious through the navy-blue of the lenses. And the fitting design makes one’s face look amazing. The fashionistas from all around the globe can’t wait to try them on.


The collection also features a less fitting sunglasses design with a contrast frame of a golden color to mix with bolder outfits.


And now that we are dealing with Tom Ford’s new creations it’s worth mentioning the latest menswear lookbook 2013 and very stylish enlarged glasses dominating most of the looks. The black-framed eyewear piece is sure to make nice addition to checked suites or hipster-style outfits.


Kesha Wearing Prada Sunglasses


Kesha has been on the go during the recent few weeks: receiving an award at 2013 Genesis Awards Benefit Gala, singing at Kid’s Choice Awards. So many things to do, so much attention to enjoy and still she gets round to thinking over her styles.

Last week she was spotted arriving at LA airport boasting a totally Bohemian look. A maxi-dress featuring floral pattern, her hair pulled back with a headband to accentuate the round Prada sunglasses with graded lenses.

Circled shades are among the numerous eyewear trends for this summer. To get a similar look check out Prada Baroque sunglasses. By the way this Baroque design is pretty popular among celebrities and was spotted worn by Beyonce a couple of months ago. The famous singer chose to wear her hair in bun to show off the fancy temples.


Chanel Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2013


The recent Chanel sunglasses collection for spring/summer 2013 is a mixture of timeless elegance and some fashion boldness. And what is remarkable is that you can see both these features simultaneously in almost each piece.

Spring/summer sunglasses collection is meant to pay tribute to Coco Chanel. And you don’t have to read the reviews to find that out. You may have already seen the awe-inspiring design with Coco Chanel’s silhouette on top – this is perhaps the most noticeable model of this season. Its frame is decorated with the profile of a world-known fashion icon wearing her signature strings of pearls.

Apart from the Coco-Chanel-silhouette-embellished eyewear, the legendary fashion house has a lot to offer. The tribute design is not the only precedent of the pearls being applied – a whole range of items in the new collection have pearl decorations with the gems decorating the tip of the frame above the eyes.


The newest Chanel collection embraces all the trends of the season: juicy colors, circled shapes, cat-eye forms and more. You can also spot such interesting items as rectangular sunglasses with round lenses fit into them and sunglasses with a thick transparent frame.


There is also a range of panto sunglasses that are distinguished by a high hinge and round-oval lenses and take us back to the 50s. A bright nylon frame with a slight cat-eye shape adds a modern air to the design.


With these sunglasses Karl Lagerfeld totally proves that classics aren’t boring and conservative but rather catchy and spectacular.

Montblanc Sunglasses Collection Spring / Summer 2013


Montblanc has always been distinctive for its timeless designs. That is why its recent collection of sunglasses for spring / summer 2013 much resembles the previously released items. Only this time there are more interesting design solutions, a wider range of models and more luxury materials employed.

All the items bear the name of some popular tourist destination and are sure to extend your knowledge of geography or maybe even give you an idea of where the sunglasses should be worn.

The Montblanc designers haven’t experimented much with the forms this time – the men’s collection features rectangular shapes, classy aviators with double and sometimes even triple bridges featuring demi-amber, green, red and black shades. The female sunglasses are mostly oversized rectangular-shaped items. And typical for Montblanc the glasses feature elaborately designed temples with signature Montblanc emblem.

Let’s examine in detail the most spectacular models. Montblanc Montevideo is sure to catch one’s eye. The sunglasses are traditional aviators with double bridge featuring either a rose-gold or a dark grey metal frame. The combination of the grey-green of the lenses together with the bubinga wood embellishments on the temples makes the design outstanding.


Considering the ladies’ sunglasses Montblanc Almeria design is totally worth your attention. Colorwise it’s a mixture of rose and grey hues. The lenses are graded and as far as the temples are concerned, here the designers have come up with a really fresh idea and decorated them with pink leather inlays. The model is also available in black color variation.


Keep exploring the rest of the collection which will soon be available on our web-site and you will find more interesting decoration and color solutions. Obviously, for those appreciating everlasting designs and quality eyewear Montblanc sunglasses from summer collection 2013 is just what the doctor ordered.

Prada Sunglasses – Runway Show Fall / Winter 2013 – 2014


After the variations on a theme of geisha in XXI century, Miuccia Prada chose the course of the opposite idea in a new Prada sunglasses from the Milan Runway Show Fall – Winter 2013 / 2014.

It’s impossible to predict that Miuccia will introduce to fans next time, but we certainly could say it would be the great success. We can’t dare to argue with others fashion critics, a new eyewear line from Prada looks wearable, designed in the iconic forms from the 40’s and 50’s for the Fall – Winter 2013 / 2014 season.

Someone has compared the new looks with the old movies from Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller. The heroines catwalk down from the screen to the audience. We adore that Miuccia Prada does, her point of view, fresh decisions and totally controversial looks.

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