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Chanel Eyewear Cruise 2013-2014


As you all know cruise collection are created for those travelers who head for the warm countries when winter sets in. That is why Cruise collection pieces hit the stores in fall. But the runway shows like Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 are held around May. So now you have a great opportunity to see the Chanel Cruise sunglasses that well-off people are going to pack with them when going to explore the seas and oceans next fall and winter.

The Chanel Cruise 2013-2014 show was held in Singapore – actually the first time Chanel collection is presented in Asia. The setting was quite unusual – a colonial style bungalow. Outdoor thatched bars created a great atmosphere for the guests to chat about the collection – and there was a lot to discuss.

All outfits were elegantly accessorized. Strings of pearls were the biggest hit. These are perhaps the only neck embellishments that can never be “too much”. There were only four Chanel Cruise sunglasses designs but they are sure to match all women outfits in the collection.


The black sunglasses feature the total trend of this year’s Cruise collections – mirrored lenses. These shades come in three shapes. The catchiest ones have a distinct cat-eye shape and look really unusual with oblique bangs.


One more sunglass style features an original color solution – not often black-and-white sunglasses look that fresh. The right part of the frame is white, then there is a color twist on the bridge – and the left side is black.


If you want to admire these sunglasses in more detail check out this photo from Chanel Cruise 2013/14 Lookbook. The whole Chanel Cruise lookbook contains only black-and-white photos to accentuate the retro air and the silhouettes.

Exlore all the Chanel Cruise sunglasses in the runway video.

Chanel Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2013


The recent Chanel sunglasses collection for spring/summer 2013 is a mixture of timeless elegance and some fashion boldness. And what is remarkable is that you can see both these features simultaneously in almost each piece.

Spring/summer sunglasses collection is meant to pay tribute to Coco Chanel. And you don’t have to read the reviews to find that out. You may have already seen the awe-inspiring design with Coco Chanel’s silhouette on top – this is perhaps the most noticeable model of this season. Its frame is decorated with the profile of a world-known fashion icon wearing her signature strings of pearls.

Apart from the Coco-Chanel-silhouette-embellished eyewear, the legendary fashion house has a lot to offer. The tribute design is not the only precedent of the pearls being applied – a whole range of items in the new collection have pearl decorations with the gems decorating the tip of the frame above the eyes.


The newest Chanel collection embraces all the trends of the season: juicy colors, circled shapes, cat-eye forms and more. You can also spot such interesting items as rectangular sunglasses with round lenses fit into them and sunglasses with a thick transparent frame.


There is also a range of panto sunglasses that are distinguished by a high hinge and round-oval lenses and take us back to the 50s. A bright nylon frame with a slight cat-eye shape adds a modern air to the design.


With these sunglasses Karl Lagerfeld totally proves that classics aren’t boring and conservative but rather catchy and spectacular.

Chanel Sunglasses – Resort 2013


Karl Lagerfield presented its collection Resort 2013 with beautiful oversized sunglass frame. The creative director of the stylish brand occured the wonderful atmosphere of the Palace of Versailles, presented. Looking at all photos of his Resort collection, that an emerging sunglass frame is really amazing, from full-fledged queen, to finished our look using a style entirely glamorous and chic.

Parading directly into that tasty and sophisticated place, the Palace of Versailles, Chanel Resort 2013 collection could simply be influenced from the style of Marie Antoinette, in relation to the clothesand essential accessories are extremely more sophisticated, rock, stunning, fashionable, excellent for people who keep to the dictates and the rules of the street style.

When the models are dressed in apparel, truly extraordinary, embellished, which call to mind those of court women ahead of the French Revolution, with some certain example of Oriental style and, in unique, Japanese will certainly be a trend to become believed with, the modern and sophisticated, ideal to symbolize the female nowadays.

The only one sunglass model one that Chanel displays us as part of his Resort collection 2013 is an element of a sea look, complete with a swimsuit, a bandeau bra and panties, both light blue, United with a transparent part, which makes the ensemble very sexual and elegant. You will find it pretty good, however, the sun glasses by Chanel, oversize, purely from queen, with shaded lenses and black frame.

Fashion Eyewear-Maiwenn for Chanel Campaign F/W 2013



The classic fashion eyewear brand. Chanel, became known and recognizable by its creator, the sultry and fashionable Coco Chanel. In fact, sunglasses with the Chanel label are very popular, may be, more popular than ever, thanks many famous ladies prefer Chanel sunglasses and are regularly photographed wearing the classic designer shades.

The Chanel history started with two small boutiques in France, which were opened in 1914 by Coco. After years the brand name became equal with chic and excellence, as the brand brought us such fashion classics as the little black dress, the quilted handbag, the Chanel outfit, and the famous line of perfumes.

These days the Chanel’s logo can be found on everything from clothing to makeup, and, of course, designer Chanel sunglasses.

Karl Lagerfeld puts his new muse Maïwenn Le Besco on the plate for Chanel eyewear campaign FW 2012-2013.

After the success of the first feature film -Polished, where Maiwenn was a director and an actress, she is back on the scene. The pretty brunette has just been chosen as the face of the new eyewear collection 2013 for the Chanel Haute Couture house. The luxury brand was attracted to this girl by her strong character.

Some say that Maiwenn would have caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld while they were together on the shoot for the book -The little black jacket. Maiwenn explain, as well that she was impressed by the great atmosphere around Karl Lagerfeld in his studio. Little information has been closed about this talented collaboration but we known that the shoot will be held next September and Karl Lagerfeld will be photographed himself!

In September, we will be able to explore the gorgeous landscape posing for Chanel eyewear Campaign Fall / Winter 2012-2013. Hopefully the goal will succeed Karl Lagerfeld to honor generous smile, the natural grace and mesmerizing beauty of the young woman. Appointment in early September.

Fashion Eyewear|Chanel S/S 2012 Campaign Backstage|Linda Evangelista


Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Linda Evangelista to appear in the new eyewear campaign summer for the Chanel “Plein Soleil” 2012 fashion glasses line.

The eyewear campaign, which was shot by Lagerfeld himself, explains the striking face of the 90’s model in the black and white shots, which also includes a chessboard motif taken from the flags used in the world of motorbike racing.

The fashion eyewear collection Chanel Summer 2012 is inspired by sport and spirit of freedom.






Fashion Eyewear Chanel – Linda Evangelista | Campaign Spring 2012


Chanel has presented the new face of the Fashion Eyewear Campaign Spring-Summer 2012. The super model was photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

Linda Evangelista looks amazing! The feelings of this Eyewear campaign can be describe in such a way: the late 80’s or the early 90’s, timeless chic, elegance, classic line. Vintage atmosphere is still modern. We love Karl Lagerfeld and his feeling of beauty and fashion.




Chanel “Prestige” Eyewear Collection

In the collection of Chanel sunglasses “Prestige” there is a new attitude: strong and intense but romantic. Karl Lagerfeld has this season another great icon of the house to celebrate: the current. The symbol is implemented in interesting versions, for both sunglasses and goggles to view.

For an easygoing proposal within a delicate and elegant, the stylish glasses highlight their stems in a cult of the iconic design of the brand. Forms of butterfly, square models with star quality, exciting models cat eyes, or airman, hit the market looking for a bold and unique.






Chanel Eyewear with Its 2010-2011 Campaign

Chanel, the famous luxury brand, has many symbols emblematic of the double C, camellias, from stars to the lion. But Coco Chanel also had another passion for the buttons. Each season has created at least six to seven models of different buttons, giving great importance and emphasis to this element, hitherto never considered. Now Karl Lagerfeld, creative director and soul of the famous brand, has revived but this time the loot on the line of glasses fall-winter 2010/2011.