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Diesel Glasses Campaign – Screen Test – Fall / Winter 2012-2013


Legendary digital photographer Steven Meisel has introduced his take on the DIESEL glasses line for this Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Marketing Campaign. The Diesel glasses campaign “Screen Test” was captured pics of at Highline Galleries in New york city.

Legendary fashion professional photographer Steven Meisel produced the number of modern Screen Tests which grew to become teams of highly stylized performances taken inside a camera. The primary concept starts in the tradition of portraits for effective living. Each subject is engaged inside an imaginative, playful act, indicating their personality with full confidence and attitude props sharpened from the dressing box supply the lick for every invented persona.

On digital screens the use of animated cinemagraphs enables each image in the future alive using the smallest movement.

Within an irreverent power company layout, the figures become accidentally linked so we see an accidental social media develop. A mixture of styles and details perform against one another to produce a singular, defiant, ‘Diesel attitude’.

It is primarily the ‘anything goes’ attitude to vogue that supports this attention grabbing and playful strategy campaign, that will arrived at everyday living in Fall-Winter 2012-2013.

The feeling of appreciation for the past with model darlings Karen Elson, Coco Rocha, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Fei Fei Sun, Jamie Bochart, Mirte Maas, Sid Ellisdon, Ethan James, Yuri Pleskun, Sallieu Jalloh, and Dae Na giving a motion picture performance for that promotional event.

The power grid layout from the campaign contained its playful moodiness, whether cheekily biting a black clutch to nipping away polaroids -leading to strong chemistry with the contrasting styles. The shoot’s animated gifs provide a new intending to the word ‘live action’, permitting you to definitely feel area of the ‘Diesel Attitude’. The eclectic mixture of styles, from 60′s jeans capris to citric hair shows the way the F/W 2013 campaign spans beyond just one supply of inspiration-rather shaping show-preventing looks that focus on the person. This shoot will not be limited specifically to print, and can be changed to some variety web arenas- for more enjoyment of Diesel’s Portraits for Effective Living.




Diesel Spring-Summer 2012 – Fashion Eyewear Collection


Diesel brand has presented an online advertising video with dogs model promoting the Diesel’s eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 collection. The promo film describes the pose of fashion and perfume film making and shows models in rather surprising casts.

The division between models is based on four of the new eyewear designs from the spring 2012 collection, each set of sunglasses is given with its own unique manner and setting: glamorous, rocky, retro and the cold-as-ice.

Actually, we really like this idea. Diesel is a brand that try to make new, unruly, exciting and from time to time nauseating that’s why they stand apart from the pack, don’t they?



Fashion Eyewear – Diesel Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign


We have become a bit excited about the latest Diesel eyewear campaign Summer 2012.
The photoshoot take place in the studio.

With inspiration photographers Mert & Marcus behind the camera, the brand name brings together models Alison Nix, Liu Wen, Ashley Smith, Catherine McNeil, Maria Palm, Patrick Kafka, and Dimitri Tanner living out the kind of strange, larger-than-life for the Spring-Summer 2012.

Sure, you may know a lot of lovers of Diesel’s advertisements – their ideas, visual and imagery are just the best. The campaign tag line is – portraits for successful living. The pics are so wonderfully captured and quite funny.