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Nautica Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013


Most branded sunglasses are about rocking summer street style outfits. When you look at some shades from recent collections you see them paired with elegant outfits, sleek accessories but bathing suits aren’t the first garment to come to your mind. That’s different with Nautica eyewear for spring / summer 2013 season.


If you don’t feel like exploring some urban sceneries this summer and would much rather surf, swim, sail and enjoy other water-related pursuits Nautica sunglasses and clothes are likely to appeal to you.

Nautica creations are not only fashionable – they are also functional. After all the brand strives to create clothes and accessoies that are beautiful, functional and ergonomic for water sports fans. The company deals mainly with men’s apparel, but there are also collection for women and kids.


The photos of Nautica spring / summer 2013 presentation are very different from what you’ve seen this season because of the unusual setting. The event took place on the top of Empire Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Even though the collection was presented on the rooftop of a skyscraper in a densely populated city of New York, the looks exuded the freshness of an ocean coast.

The Nautica sunglasses noticed during the event included classy rectangular shades, traditional aviators as well as dark sunglasses with a contrast frame. No frills, whatsoever – just high-level UV-protection and maximum comfort – all that you need when you are spend an evening on a yacht.


And for you to fully understand what the brand’s been up too lately – here is the fact. Nautica is getting 30 years old in 2013. You can now see posters featuring Nautica looks for 30th anniversary in different media. The most spectacular one is with John Zuanich flaunting Nautica sunglasses with a catchy double hinge, adjustable nose pads, spring hinges and other ergonomic features. Truly nautical fashion!