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Jennifer Lopez In Swarovski Sunglasses


Have you seen the new video by Jennifer Lopez Live it up? That’s by the way the third collaboration between her and Pitbull. You probably wonder what brand of sunglasses she is wearing at the beginning. Although you probably don’t as you see the signature Swarovski sunglasses case. Those in fact were Amazing sunglasses from Swarovski collection.


Jennifer Lopez flaunts Swarovski shades just for a few moments at the very beginning of the video – but these seconds are really memorable. The sunglasses frame features facets resembling the ones on diamonds. These oversized shades look truly luxurious and perfectly blend into the atmosphere of a glamorous fashion show recreated in the first part of the video.

With many branded sunglasses you have doubts: do you really like the sunglasses or do you think they are great because the brand enjoys such a great reputation? With Swarovski sunglasses you always know for sure. These amazing sunglasses as if chiseled from a gemstone capture one’s heart at once. And Jennifer Lopez is not the only singer having flaunted Amazing sunglasses. A couple of years ago Christina Aguilera was spotted wearing this design. This accessory is becoming iconic.

Live it up is an ultimate summer hit. And amazing sunglasses are a super-stylish summer accessory. Nice mix.