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Julianne Hough Wears – Carrera 6000 Crystal Sunglasses

They’re both blonde bombshells bound to get noticed as they go about their lives in Hollywood.

Julianne Hough and Aubrey O’Day were seemed at The Grove shopping together.

The actress wore her hair in a poker traditional bob and teamed the frock with nude heels and Carrera sunglasses.

Carrera 6000 Crystal Sunglasses look soft-touch with high-quality lenses. This line is presented into 14 colors and two styles – fashion and sport.

New Folding CARRERA Sunglasses – Campaign

The CARRERA is the global casual sport eyewear brand, takes ideas in looking at the stylistic history and offers two new folding shades using an amazing classic design and various stylistic aspects that keep the brand mark.

Carrera reaches a degree in which it tries to redesign themselves, to better adjust to the present day day styles and existing needs of the clients. And what better way to do that compared to a rebranding campaign?



The revolutionary “CHAMPION FOLD” and “POCKET FLAG 3” sunglass models, focused on high-tech fans, get the attention
using their one of a kind foldable mechanism, properly combined highest usefulness having a unique style. They are made to use up less space and also have an ultra-lightweight feel: the legendary detail on the front and the hinges on the temples conceal an exclusive device that lets you to fold the frame of these types of sunglasses and put them in a special case.

These brand new iconic shades, which can be influenced by CARRERA’s stylistic historical past that made the company victorious in the 70s, are going to become cult products and must-have fashion accessories.

The round-shaped “POCKET FLAG 3” sunglasses and also the teardrop-shaped “CHAMPION FOLD” shades are very useful to wear in almost any situation and have exceptional imaginative details: the steel particulars, the brand’s private brand name logo and icon.

Carrera – The New Folding Sunglasses


CARRERA, the iconic worldwide fashion eyewear brand, takes ideas from its stylistic history and offers two new folding sunglasses with a timeless design and different stylistic details that leave their mark.

The brand new “POCKET FLAG 3” and “CHAMPION FOLD” models, focused on high-tech lovers, catch the attention because of their unique folding system, beautifully combining greatest features with a exclusive style. They are created to take up less space and also have an ultra-lightweight feel: the iconic detail on the front and the hinges on the temples conceal an exclusive device that lets you fold the frame of these kind of sunglasses and put them in a special case.

Pocket Flag 3

These new iconic sunglasses, that happen to be inspired by CARRERA’s stylistic traditions that made the brand name successful in the 70s, are going to become cult items and must-have accessories.

The round-shaped “POCKET FLAG 3” model and also the teardrop-shaped “CHAMPION FOLD” sunglasses are extremely practical to use in any situation and show unique innovative touches: the metal details, the brand’s discreet brand name and icon.

The “POCKET FLAG 3” model is available in shades of gloss black with grey lenses, blue with brown lenses, beige with grey/green lenses, light Havana with shaded brown lenses, blue with shaded grey lenses. The black and Havana versions are also available with glare-free polarized lenses, ensuring clear, perfect vision.

Champion Fold

The “CHAMPION FOLD” model is available in tones of red/black with shaded grey lenses, gloss tortoise with shaded brown lenses, matte black with silver-grey lenses or grey polarized lenses, ensuring perfect vision.

The modern CARRERA folding sunglasses will be available at high-end opticians starting October 2012.


Paris Hilton Wears Sunglasses Carrera Safari


Carrera Safari – bright, trendy sunglasses collection 2012. Their feature – the color of the rim – it can be almost anything: red, yellow, blue, green and classic black, brown.

The Carrera eyewear brand was founded in 1956 as a sport brand, frames that were made to be worn in the fast lane of race car driving and skiing. Original design that strikes a balance between aesthetics and optimum functionality.

The Carrera Safari aviator sunglasses, you will recognize when you see them, with that individual laser sharp styling straight from the 80’s. Carrera Safari sunglasses are defined by the patience, classic and functionality that characterized the history of the brand. Classic sensibility with modernity and infusing excellence with style to make these core standards relevant for now and future fashion generations.

The Carrera Safari has been spotted on celebrities including Kanye West, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton as well. The well-known pop-singer, model, actress and designer choses these summer sunglasses Carrera Safari to protect her eyes from harmful UV rays.

Fashion Eyewear – CARRERA “Jump into the Sun”


The CARRERA fashion eyewear brand has presented the new campaign CARRERA “Jump into the Sun” – sunglasses 6000. The model features a vintage square shape in an timeless iconic style. The heritage of the eyewear brand is interpreted in a modern way with some new creative details such as corrugated rods.

This new sunglass model CARRERA is accomplished through the unique and lightweight hypoallergenic material – Optyl, which is designed not to under high temperatures. The Carrera model 6000 is available in 14 different colors, especially for contrast – brightness mate, vertical stripes and shades of camouflage.


CARRERA Fashion Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 “After all, no regrets”


The new photos are based on web, blog and social network feedback, as the online CARRERA young generation’s wish list with no regrets.

Alongside the advertising campaign, CARRERA’s “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS” spirit will also be shared through a video in which the CARRERA generation, for the first time ever, will have their say: they will tell us how they live their lives “with no regrets”, how they seize the moment and don’t miss any opportunity that comes along, for a life without regrets.

  • Experience the lack of gravity


  • Set off on a memorable coast to coast trip


  • Dive into the water in a tuxedo


  • Order everything from room service


  • Hitchhike in the sea


  • Send a message to all your friends


The video of the new eyewear campaign is a true manifesto of the “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS”.

This worldwide CARRERA fashion eyewear advertising campaign will kick off in March and appear in newspapers, magazines and online. It will rapidly spread across the Internet thanks to the use of social media networks.

P.S. Of course, what about your wish list? It will be great if you can share it with us!

Travie McCoy & CARRERA Champion Sunglasses “Ass Back Home”

Travie McCoy Ass Back Home carrera champion sunglasses 2011

Travie McCoy “Ass Back Home”

CARRERA’s history in the part of sports eyewear started in 1956. The fashion sunglass brand reached new heights in popularity in the 80’s, becoming one of the most iconic style eyewear collection. Today, CARRERA remains a successful worldwide eyewear brand one and the same with design, novelty and excellence.
CARRERA eyewear has announces the addition of its “Champion” sunglasses model, worn by lead singer Travie McCoy, in the latest Gym Class Heroes music video “Ass Back Home”.

Champion sunglasses Carrera 2011

CARRERA “Champion” sunglasses 2011

Sleeping on buses and in hotel rooms in different cities every night, the documentary manner video showcases the hard, difficult way of life of an artist while on tour. Fortunately, for lead, СARRERA “Champion” sunglasses help stay a singer Travie McCoy trendy and magnetic during even the most difficult periods while on the road.
The CARRERA “Champion” sunglass model has been motivated by the original design first represented in the early 80’s and created in Optyl, an really lightweight and hypoallergenic original material.
The music video Travie McCoy “Ass Back Home” is currently in rotation.

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Katy Perry Dons CARRERA Aviator Sunglasses | “The One That Got Away”

Katy Perry CARRERA 1 sunglasses
Katy Perry “The One That Got Away”

СARRERA sunglasses make their debut in the latest Katy Perry music video “The One That Got Away,” the sixth single from the singer’s record breaking album Teenage Dream. Katy Perry plays an older version of herself in the music video looking back on a relationship that broken in sadness and death.

gold CARRERA 1 sunglasses

CARRERA 1 sunglasses

Katy dons a pair of gold CARRERA 1 metal aviator sunglasses during a flashback to her days as a young artist. These CARRERA 1 sunglasses are part of the brand’s relaunched vintage collection. Customized with retro detailing including an iconic nose bridge, the sunglasses are inspired by the original CARRERA design first introduced in the early 70’s.

The video for the single “The One That Got Away” is currently in rotation.

CARRERA Escape Brasil Rio de Janeiro


Malvino Salvador, Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank enjoyed the second edition of the Brazilian car exhaust, in Rio de Janeiro. Promoted by eyewear brand CARRERA , the event brought together celebrities and VIPs by the pool at the Hotel La Suite.

Malvino Salvador

Malvino came straight from the recordings of Fina Estampa wearing jeans and polo. “I’m basically on a daily basis, so I leave to be in fashion accessories, such as the CARRERA sunglasses.”

Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank

Overflowing elegance, Bruno invested in look and chose setentinha glasses icon of the era and hair gel. It revealed that Giovanna loves accessories for men and always steals the pieces of her husband’s wardrobe.
The thugs were greeted by Fernanda Paolone, manager of brand marketing.

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Last Saturday Sao Paulo hosted the Carrera Escape, more hypado summer event of the moment. Inspired by the traditional international pool parties,the Carrera – Italian designer sunglasses and prescriptions – in partnership with the agency Haute businessman and Marcos Campos, Fernanda Vasconcellos met names like Henri Castelli, Dudu Linhares and Patsy Scarpa to celebrate the arrival of the station more hot year around the hotel pool Tivoli Mofarrej.
At the sound of DJ Pedro Almeida and Guizeline Guga, the guests watched the sunset – wearing glasses must have the summer – in a luxury bungalow, lounge chairs and cushions decorated with exclusive cars.




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Escape Brasil Rio de Janeiro