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Chloe Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2013 Ad Campaign


Do you feel like seeing a portion of new Chloe sunglasses? Check out the above picture from Chloe spring / summer 2013 campaign!


The models Tilda Lindstam and Caroline Brash flaunt a new Chloe eyewear design Agathéa that employs acetate and metal to make use of the best features of both materials. The oversized rectangular shades have a transparent frame and are meant to complete Chloe spring summer dresses that feature the most gentle ice-cream colors, ruffles and lacy fabrics. The cream-colored graded lenses of these Chloe sunglasses add a mystery to the eyes. So unmistakably French.


The photograper Glen Luchford tried to recreate a laid-back summery atmosphere. And thanks to a cosy interior and loose hairstyle the photos really radiate lightness and relaxation. That makes the sunglasses look even more appealing.


By the way the brand is celebrating its 6oth anniversary this year. And if you look at the other photos, you’ll notice cushions with a signature Chloe Eventail motif that serves as a tribute to the brand’s rich history. And there is a lot of iconic Chloe sunglasses to look back on. Check the legendary Erine design, for example – the rounded shades decorated with metallic scallops. Consider an ivory color variation for summer.

CHLOE EYEWEAR – Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Chloe is a very special brand. Chloe glasses are “must-have” in Europe and the U.S. and translate all the sophisticated style, timeless and Sober maison. Around here, they are still an exclusive, ideal for elegant women with refined tastes and attuned to fashion.



For the new season, the brand continues to rely on models of acetate with retro vibe, bringing different readings of the brand logo on the stems, in total harmony with the other accessories of the label. Besides the strong trend towards minimalism and tones of brown and nude.


Chloe glasses are strictly built to last. They have impeccable finish and attention to detail to detail, ensuring a very interesting charm.

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Chloe Eyewear Fall / Winter 2011-2012


The French fashion house Chloé presents new models of sunglasses for the autumn / winter 2011. The pieces was made with the highest quality, continue with the timeless style, sober and elegant which established the brand, adding unique details and sophisticated colors.
Prepare to be the cynosure of all eyes! A pair of Chloe sunglasses is a must-have style. Synonymous with charm and vivacity, as no other brand.

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Chloe sunglasses refined Michelle Trachtenberg

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg, known to the general public for its participation in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star of last season with the most famous Sarah Michelle Gellar, was recently spotted wearing a very interesting model of sunglasses Chloe designer.


The model chosen by Chloe sunglasses Michelle Trachtenberg has a large frame and simple and slightly retro style embellished with contrasting details, that add a touch of exclusivity to these lovely sunglasses.
In detail, this model of sunglasses is named Chloe CL2201 and is available in four different color combinations that involve not only the frame but also the shade of the lenses, for a truly eye-catching style.

Why should you use Chloé?


You must use a brand, because Chloe where elegance blends with a unique style and cool. Because there is a mark of those that are so obvious border on bad taste. It is one of the iconic brands of minimalism and what you can do it bags every season. Because they always have someone very creative as a designer, already passed by the House Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo and now the talented designer Hannah MacGibbon.

Paris Hilton Sunglasses

CL 2181

Paris is such a sociallite has-been. Seriously, either do something that I can make fun of or just go away already. So Paris is wearing some shades from Chloe here. It’s a decent fit on that bird face of her’s and seems to be a popular look with the younger divas. Up close, they stand out with a lot of subtle details you can’t see in a pic.

Chloé Sunglasses – New Arrivals 2010 / 2011

Sunglasses – New products Spring/Summer 2010


With flexible frames and gold plated metal hinges, the new Chloé sunglasses are decidedly retro-chic. Authentic and stylish, Chloé has revived the round keyhole bridge style. with an ultra light frame upon which the brand’s logo discreetly features on both metallic trims. They come in an elegant round case and can be slipped discreetly into a small clutch bag. the frames come in black, shell or bordeaux and the lenses in gradated brown or grey.
Myrte Cuir
Myrte Cuir

The Myrte sunglasses are the classic-chic Chloé model. the deliberately oversized frames will be adorned with leather for the summer 2010 collection. This new adaptation perfectly suits the feminine and nomadic theme of the Chloé 2010 spring-summer collection. A sober and elegant colour palette and tinted lenses in plum, grey and brown underline the decidedly inspired character of this model.
Sunglasses – New products Spring/Summer 2011

Romantic rock chic is invading our wardrobes with jewelled chains: tunics, t-shirts, bags, boots,… this is the fashion accessory to be wearing this season! Chloé sunglasses are firmly anchored in this trend with this exceptionally refined model. delicate and feminine, a fine chain decorates the front and sides and the Chloé logo is discreetly engraved on a small metal badge on each side. it is available in two shapes: a broad and high rising model for a contemporary look, and a soft, round model for an ultra feminine look. This model is available in colours to match the Chloé fashion line: shell, kaki and plum.

Chloé CL 2186 Keeps Getting Cooler

CL 2186

Even if we have seen the CL 2186 sunglasses before, this eyewear is still hot this season! The wayfarer-inspired design makes this eyewear still trendy enough to compete with the latest wayfarer sunglasses this 2010.
The CL 2186 sunglasses of Chloé arrives with the fusion of acetate and metal materials. On top is the single and flat metal upper rim, which is connected to the thick and flat temples with a rectangular hole in the middle. And back in the front frame are the split-colored acetate lower rims and end pieces.
Chloé’s CL 2186 is daring enough to provide you the trendiness you always wanted!

Julianne Moore Is Stunning In Chloé CL 2147 Mimosa

CL 2147 Mimosa

After seeing Julianne Moore in this sassy Chloé sunglasses, she is now my official girl crush! This eyewear is what they call the CL 2147 Mimosa. I am not sure if most girls still dig this kind of style though. But if you know what this eyewear signifies, you’ll buy it!
The Chloé CL 2147 Mimosa sunglasses possess a simple but elegant fusion of acetate and metal materials. In front are the gradient-coated lenses encased in thick acetate frames. And in the middle of these lens and frames is a metal bridge. And for the arms, they are majorly made of acetate laminated metal with Chloé metal signature near the metal bar covering the hinges.
The color styles available for the Chloé CL 2147 Mimosa sunglasses are:
CL 2147 Mimosa