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Jennifer Lopez In Swarovski Sunglasses


Have you seen the new video by Jennifer Lopez Live it up? That’s by the way the third collaboration between her and Pitbull. You probably wonder what brand of sunglasses she is wearing at the beginning. Although you probably don’t as you see the signature Swarovski sunglasses case. Those in fact were Amazing sunglasses from Swarovski collection.


Jennifer Lopez flaunts Swarovski shades just for a few moments at the very beginning of the video – but these seconds are really memorable. The sunglasses frame features facets resembling the ones on diamonds. These oversized shades look truly luxurious and perfectly blend into the atmosphere of a glamorous fashion show recreated in the first part of the video.

With many branded sunglasses you have doubts: do you really like the sunglasses or do you think they are great because the brand enjoys such a great reputation? With Swarovski sunglasses you always know for sure. These amazing sunglasses as if chiseled from a gemstone capture one’s heart at once. And Jennifer Lopez is not the only singer having flaunted Amazing sunglasses. A couple of years ago Christina Aguilera was spotted wearing this design. This accessory is becoming iconic.

Live it up is an ultimate summer hit. And amazing sunglasses are a super-stylish summer accessory. Nice mix.

Swarovski Couture Edition 2013 Sunglasses


What would you rather spend your savings on: a piece of exquisite jewelry or a pair of high-end sunglasses? With an item from Swarovski 2013 Limited Edition you won’t have to make this difficult choice because exclusive Swarovski sunglasses have it all: they provide perfect sun protection and they are decorated with crystals of different colors.

It seems like there are a couple of gemstone-flowers embellishing each of the lens whereas in fact each eyewear piece employs as many as 78 crystals set by hand – very intricate work indeed. No wonder the sunglasses are priced at $1300.

This isn’t the first time Swarovski releases eyewear. Although these are probably the sunglasses which the best reflect the company’s specialization. They are studded with sparkling crystals just as any item ever created by Swarovski.

In order to create these exceptional shades Swarovski has teamed up with Marcolin to benefit from eyewear-manufacturing expertise of an Italian company.

There have only been made 800 items of the precious sunglasses, but since the collection was released a couple of months ago, the number of pieces available has probably shrunk considerably. So if you want to flaunt this accessory the coming summer, you’d better hurry.

Fashion Eyewear Swarovski Advertising Campaign Spring-Summer 2012


The Austrian brand Swarovski is known for its exclusive luxury masterpieces, which are made of crystals and are decorated with brand crystals. Jewelry and fashion accessories from the new fashion eyewear collection line is presented as a part of the Swarovski advertising campaign spring-summer 2012.

The person that was chosen as a face of the ad campaign 2012 was the Canadian model Jessica Stam. The pictures show Jessica fashion sunglasses encrusted with sparkling crystals.

Christina Aguilera chooses those signed Swarovski


Swarovski has just debuted in the world of eyewear brand Marcolin creating a truly exclusive collection of eyewear and eye-catching that do not betray the luxurious style and chic crystal creations that have made the brand famous.
Within the first collection of sunglasses Swarovski stands a very special model features a large round frame that has the distinction of being made with a unique processing prism effect that gives great luminosity to the model.
Just this model called Amazing Black is the one chosen by the singer a few days ago, and now also an actress, Christina Aguilera, a model of sunglasses certainly attractive, but also eccentric and therefore not suitable for those who want to pass unnoticed.

Sunglasses brilliant Swarovski

Swarovski has created a range of accessories with a collection of sunglasses that reflect the personality and style of the brand.



For the collection of sunglasses Spring / Summer 2011 Swarovski has chosen to revisit the forms and materials essential in any article incorporating a company’s identity through the iconic Swanflower reason. In the 12 models, this delicate design consists of a swan that forms a flower decoration, is integrated in the decorations of cut crystal that capture and reflect light.


The collection offers three different themes to accompany the different moods of woman. The first brings together the essentials of style Swarovski using an ultra-glamorous and daring creativity. It is part of “Amazing”, a model characterized by reason and whose Swanflower beautiful frame and the temples – made up entirely of prisms – recreate the facets of cut crystal and refined.