Tory Burch Eyewear Summer 2013 Campaign


The recently shot Tory Burch Summer 2013 video lasts only like a minute. Still it gives one a chance to check out all the recent summer garments by the American designer including four amazing Tory Burch sunglasses.


As the campaign video unfolds you first see the so called etched “T” sunglasses. At first glance they look like conventional rectangular-shaped sunglasses but in fact they are just packed with unexpected details. First of all, these are shield seamless sunglasses and second of all what first seems to be a plastic frame is in fact an etched pattern. As a result these Tory Burch sunglasses are incredibly light and you hardly feel them on your nose!


Paired with the bathing suits are Tory Burch summer aviators spiced up with a plastic-metal frame. These shades have an unmistakable retro air about them. And no summer is summer enough without a few retro-style accessories.


Of all the summer collection Magpie is perhaps the most outstanding design – it even starred at Tory Burch spring runway show. Rectangular-shaped sunglasses combine a catchy graphic pattern with wood. The signature T-logo looks spectacular against the wood background of the temple. These sunglasses are a great way to add some color to white summer outfits and they also look great when paired with other patterns: stripes, floral prints, graphics – whatever you can think of.


And last but not least are Classic sunglasses that really are classic in all respects – they have the most elegant rectangular frame and the universally adored tortoiseshell color.

In the very atmospheric campaign video Lara Mullen and Dree Hemingway are flaunting great Tory Burch sunglasses and outfits while enjoying traditional summer pursuits – lying on the beach, exploring the unknown streets and strolling around the local market. If you can’t yet escape to some resort town, watch the video – it will definitely set the summer mood.

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