Christian Dior Eyewear Cruise 2013-2014


This year is full of debuts for Raf Simons. Starting with fall / winter 2012 show he has been creating all the collections for Dior brand. So it’s already possible to say that he is doing great – all the collections are well-received. And on the 18th of May he presented Dior Cruise 2014 collection which by the way contains the most ravishing Dior sunglasses.

The show was held in the Principality of Monaco. So Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene graced the event with their presence. The event took place at Promenade Casiragh right beside the Mediterranean Sea – just the right setting for that something special that Raf Simons has prepared for Dior fans.


With Dior Cruise collection Raf Simons meant to create something “with energy”. That is why you can see an abundance of air-light materials (lace is the highlight of the collection), flying silhouettes and intricately designed accessories. The Dior Cruise sunglasses also feature a very energetic design: these are shield shades with mirrored lenses (a hit of Cruise eyewear for 2013-2014). The upper rim is decorated with colored elements.


This season’s Dior sunglasses resemble a mask a little bit – they are fairly big. But after all it’s a cruise collection. And truly cruise sunglasses are meant to provide maximum protection for the eyes and the area around them while being worn on board a cruise liner.


If you like these sunglasses but you think that they are too sporty, you can use Dior make-up trick – fuchsia lips. They add femininity to your look and accentuate the sunglasses’ colorful detailing rather than their sporty shape.

Dior Cruise eyewear is created in tune with the rest of Dior Cruise accessories: they feature a simple form and some color accents. Just what one needs to set the cruise mood.

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