Giorgio Armani sunglasses frame 2011


This very interesting pair of sunglasses, very different from those offered by other brands because it is not the slightest sipirano vintage style but, rather, it stands out in a very referring to a firm and clear STLE minimal, simple and super essential.
I refer to the fashion show spring / summer 2011 Giorgio Armani brand which, for the next summer season, presented on the catwalk a curious pair of sunglasses very original, out of those that are the fashion trends of the period, thus creating a break with a style that has raged for ages now.
This is an attractive pair of sunglasses made of a linear structure, oval, small, thin, all-black lenses with the same tones that give the eye a very special and an extraordinary depth of mystery.

Prada Sunglasses: the extravagant frame sunglasses


We present to you a shocking pair of sunglasses appeared on a catwalk of the brands that have marched in this very intense fashion week that has just ended and he has seen, once again, the triumph of the fashion world and glamor.
This is the walkway on which the well-known brand Prada marched several pieces of clothing and accessories including very attractive, just that these fittings alone has done a lot to talk about themselves for its air so special, especially for a brand that, until to date, has always relied on a simple, essential, never too blatant.
In the spring / summer 2011 collection for this company I suggest this oversize frame consists of a rounded front and a very curious and original structure made of a blue china enriched on the surface, to be very precise white outlines that delineate even more hype.
So far it would seem nothing unusual except that these glasses are decorated with extraordinary games of round, baroque-looking curls that go to build the entire structure of these stunning Prada sunglasses.

Gucci sunglasses with tortoise fantasy


We want to present a pair of sunglasses in my opinion sensational which fully embody the latest fashion trends through a truly unique and attractive frame that will not go unnoticed for sure.
This is a pair of sunglasses belonging to the huge collection of Gucci eyewear, a brand beloved by us all worshipers of the style sophisticated but never overly elegant or chic, a fashion house that, since its inception, has obtained a hit after hit, thanks to his being always essential and simple but never boring!
So how are the glasses I am going to present which are composed of a mounting oversize, very exaggerated, squared, with a strong vintage-inspired, made with a hardened, brown shaded lenses, and thin rods is shown on which the famous symbol Gucci brand.

Prada launches Linea Rossa eyewear campaign with top sportsmen


Following on from the yachtsmen, other top sports celebrities are set to star in the Prada Linea Rossa eyewear advertising campaign for the fall/winter 2010-2011 collection.
Prada’s objective with this campaign is not only to underline the sporty and dynamic spirit of the collection but also the innovation and sophistication of every detail, on which the technical excellence of the product is based.
Shot in black and white by the great portrait photographer Brigitte Lacombe, the participants in this phase of the campaign are:Mark Webber,Bode Miller, Aksel Lund Svindal, Giuliano “Razzo” Razzoli Giuliano.
The Prada Linea Rossa eyewear campaign is a work in progress, in which the recurring theme is élite sport; these sportsmen are therefore to be joined by other famous names from the world of motor racing and other sports as stars of the future collections.


Dior: Sunglasses for Spring 2011


In these days is taking place in the famous Milan Fashion Week during which the most famous brands in the world of the fashion world and offer the public parading their creations designed for next spring-summer 2011. Talking about fashion today I want to propose a pair of sunglasses offered on the catwalk of one of Paris’s most famous brands in the world for its sophisticated and elegant, a house has always been a symbol of charm and extreme good taste that continues to fascinate us fashion victims from the soul, romantic dreamer.
This is a pair of sunglasses belonging to the eyewear collection spring-summer 2011 the famous French fashion house Dior, which by next spring, has decided to propose to us women look much soap and water, essential simple but great class consisting of Jacqueline Kennedy-style outfits with knee-length skirts and jackets that play very interesting on two basic colors, black and white, up to a fabulous and voluminous evening gowns that are reminiscent Cinderella The Sleeping Beauty.
As for accessories, this signature collection of Dior, I propose a slightly oversized pair of sunglasses made of a square frame made with a total black with slightly mirrored lenses give these sunglasses that looked less than elegant.

Kylie Minogue wears sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent


The lovely Kylie Minogue, famous songwriter, producer and designer from Australia appears in one of the many occasions that the protagonist with a pair of sunglasses numbered Yves Saint Laurent, a brand beloved by us worshipers of the glossy world of fashion.
This is a pair of sunglasses made with an elegant oversize acetate frame, here shown in total black, embellished, at the beginning of the rods, a Y metal symbol of the brand Yves Saint Laurent.

Fendi Unveils Fall 2010 Eyewear Collection


Fendi unveils their Fall 2010 Eyewear Collection featuring elegant designs, luxurious materials and intricately detailed accents. Emphasizing skillful design, the feature sunglass style has frame fronts detailed with architectural angles. Raised diamond shapes are subtle within the polished double “F” logo at temples. Inspired by the newest handbag in the Fendi collection, the Fendi Peek-A-Boo frame radiates elegance and innovative design detail. Voluminous shapes are accented with brush details, and rich colorations. Glossy temples features suspended charms. True to form, the attention to detail is what makes the house of Fendi the ultimate luxury, synonymous with superior quality and craftsmanship.

Fendi Eyewear style FS-5126

Fendi Eyewear style FS-5136

Fendi Eyewear style FS-5147

Fendi Eyewear style F-881

Fendi Eyewear style F-885

Fabulous New Style For 2011 From Emilio Pucci

For 2011, the Emilio Pucci Eyewear Collection pays homage to an array of vintage prints and adorned monograms.
A collection fused with the design vision of Peter Dundas, the eyewear expresses fluidity in design with lines creating gentle waves on temples or adjoining within one another at hinges. Shapes are revitalized with design inspirations Farfalle and Tubulari and further enhanced with vivacious colorations in a range of saturations from deep hues to lucid crystals. Although each style is unique, each is distinctively Pucci.

Emilio Pucci

EP668s – Cascading colors and fluid movement are synonymous with the Emilio Pucci brand and the inspiration for the temples of EP668s. A metal detail inspired by the “Onda” follows the gentle waves that begin on frame fronts and continue onto temples.
Emilio Pucci

EP123s – The celebrated “Vivara” prints ovals are the inspiration behind the temples of EP123s. Crafted to hinge metal frames to custom Pucci print temples, EP123s shows Pucci’s ability to continually revitalize their designs.
Emilio Pucci

EP657s – With the ability to translate effortless fluidity onto sunwear and optical, it comes as no surprise that the EP657s is inspired by the “farfalle/butterfly”. The butterfly effect is created by beveled edges of dual laminate solid zyl and transparent pucci print zyl that encompasses oversized vintage square frames. Available in black, green, brown, and purple the style is one of a kind.

Persol: sunglasses dedicated to Steve McQueen


During the forty years of disappearance of the great Steve McQueen, a famous eyewear brand in the modern world has decided to revive the public a truly unique eyewear worn by the plaintiff in the film “The Thomas Crown affair.
And now the Persol brand, brand Made in Italy created shortly before the ’20s by Giuseppe Ratti, has paid homage to this amazing artist on the market again by launching this fabulous pair of sunglasses so loved the charming and dark McQueen.
This is the model 714 PO which will be sold in limited editions, were in fact produced only 10,000 pieces distributed worldwide and purchased in Italy from next October 20. A unique frame that, compared to the original model, shows some minor modifications, including the name of the actor in place inside the temples and the addition of dark blue lenses, a favorite actor.

Tom Ford sunglasses chosen by Jennifer Lopez

TF 94

Jennifer Lopez who, during his visit to Paris, has decided to cover his eyes with a dazzling pair of sunglasses belonging to the Tom Ford eyewear collection, a brand well known worldwide for its clothing lines and accessories always very attractive and in line with current fashion trends.
TF 94

This collection will propose a couple of sunglasses model Alessandra consist of a frame oversize exasperated super rounded by well-defined structure made of a delicious dark brown combined with charming shaded lenses that go from chocolate brown to honey colored.