Gucci sunglasses gold


These sunglasses belong to the extraordinary collection eyewear Gucci, a brand known worldwide for its clothing lines and accessories always essential, never exaggerated or over the lines that refer to a linear style and very, very pure, the rest us fashion victims, fashion lovers in general, we know that elegance is manifested through its simplicity and authenticity.
But what is striking is the very strong decoration placed on the initial part of the rods, a Solid gold heart, pierced, very particular can donate to this very special super fashionable sunglasses look even more elegant and sensual.

Paris Hilton Sunglasses

CL 2181

Paris is such a sociallite has-been. Seriously, either do something that I can make fun of or just go away already. So Paris is wearing some shades from Chloe here. It’s a decent fit on that bird face of her’s and seems to be a popular look with the younger divas. Up close, they stand out with a lot of subtle details you can’t see in a pic.

Balenciaga eyewear: the frame sunglasses super colorful


This is an amazing pair of sunglasses belonging to the fabulous collection of well known eyewear brand Balenciaga, a fashion house founded by the genius of the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, a brand famous worldwide for its very special creations that have won and continue to conquer, even the stars that seem to love overseas each garment or accessory to madness and Deat made by this brand.
This is an oversized frame sunglasses, the front structure very rounded, buttery and exaggerated, embellished with shaded lenses gray massive and extraordinary auctions on which the logo appears evident the brand Balenciaga.

Ray-Ban: sunglasses with pink candy bars

Ray Ban

Summer is not yet officially ended and the desire of sun and sea is not mentioned at all to disappear as the desire to relax on some beaches, Italian and not in the company of people dearest to us.
The glasses that I present today will go crazy all you lovers of classic style basic and simple but enriched by some original and interesting detail can make a simple pair of sunglasses a real must-have, an accessory which can not be absolutely do without.
This is a pair of sunglasses belonging to the extraordinary and extensive collection of eyewear Ray Ban brand, a brand beloved by both young people, who like to always try new fashions and new trends, is the most adult fans of super stylish frames charm and timeless elegance.

New Gucci Eyeglasses collection


Gucci recently held a party to announce their new collection. The collection looks very similar to the recent Gucci eyeglasses collection. The event was pretty amazing. Those who went were given a pair of designer eyeglasses A lot of well-known people were at the event; some were wearing Gucci eyeglasses as well. It was great seeing so many celebrities and replacement lenses at one party. It’s not everyday that you go to an event and come home with a pair of glasses. It would have been pretty neat if we were given Gucci eyeglasses, but we were happy anyway.

Oakley MP3 Sunglasses for the Music Lover

Oakley MP3

Everybody nowadays has an MP3 player, and if you’ve ever fought with dangling cables which get stuck on doorknobs, in your clothes or on your seat-belt you certainly know how frustrating how this can be. Well, for all those people living in a sunny are or going on vacation, Oakley has found the solution to these problems: they made sunglasses with headphones and an MP3 player integrated right in the frame!
When you want to listen to music, you’ll just have to flip the headphones down into your ears and start playing the music, this makes it easy for you to keep your headphones on even if you’re running or doing other kinds of sports, and it also makes sure that you do not loose your headphones somewhere since they’re always fixed to your sunglasses.
Should you be in some awkward setting you can easily imagine that using headphones which are mounted on these sunglasses is far more discrete than listening to music otherwise, you could easily do on a trip with your family without anybody noticing, or in the car when you shouldn’t be wearing headphones at all!

Just Cavalli: the frame faded

Just Cavalli

We present a pair of sunglasses from the air crisp, youthful and ironic. The sunglasses in question are part of the brand Just Cavalli eyewear collection, a line inspired by the youth fashion trends of the moment in some cases reinterpretation by modern materials and the latest cutting edge design, clean lines and very glamorous fashion that collect any season a great success.
Cavalli sunglasses line, specifically the Just Cavalli brand, I present an original pair of sunglasses made of a rectangular frame with oversized lines and corners very addoliciti violet shaded lenses. Very special are the nuances and shades chosen for these glasses, a hot pink that turns to become a lilac and a wraparound white milk breathtaking.