What Kind of Sunlasses Psy Wears in Gangnam Style Video?


In case you haven’t seen“Gangnam Style”, you need to watch it. PSY‘s hit song has turn into a globally impression. Gangnam Style by PSY a Korean rapper.

You know, we really loves the song and the dance moves which goes with it. It is simply too crazy and unique.
You might seen the singer is always wearing sunglasses. What Kind of Sunlasses Psy Wears in Gangnam Style Video? From the video he puts two different pairs of sunglasses.

Do you know what Gangnam is? It’s a a district in Seoul, a city in South Korea. Gangnam is the area to go if you need to go out and party and it mainly attracts the younger audience. The Gangnam area should be stylish, hip and happening with class but it’s the those who go out there to socialise which give off this impression. Those people who are from tose place aren’t actually pretentious so this song it is just a bit of a joke and taking the mickey out of these type of pretentious people.

What model of sunglasses he was wearing in the Gangnam style video?

Carrera – The New Folding Sunglasses


CARRERA, the iconic worldwide fashion eyewear brand, takes ideas from its stylistic history and offers two new folding sunglasses with a timeless design and different stylistic details that leave their mark.

The brand new “POCKET FLAG 3” and “CHAMPION FOLD” models, focused on high-tech lovers, catch the attention because of their unique folding system, beautifully combining greatest features with a exclusive style. They are created to take up less space and also have an ultra-lightweight feel: the iconic detail on the front and the hinges on the temples conceal an exclusive device that lets you fold the frame of these kind of sunglasses and put them in a special case.

Pocket Flag 3

These new iconic sunglasses, that happen to be inspired by CARRERA’s stylistic traditions that made the brand name successful in the 70s, are going to become cult items and must-have accessories.

The round-shaped “POCKET FLAG 3” model and also the teardrop-shaped “CHAMPION FOLD” sunglasses are extremely practical to use in any situation and show unique innovative touches: the metal details, the brand’s discreet brand name and icon.

The “POCKET FLAG 3” model is available in shades of gloss black with grey lenses, blue with brown lenses, beige with grey/green lenses, light Havana with shaded brown lenses, blue with shaded grey lenses. The black and Havana versions are also available with glare-free polarized lenses, ensuring clear, perfect vision.

Champion Fold

The “CHAMPION FOLD” model is available in tones of red/black with shaded grey lenses, gloss tortoise with shaded brown lenses, matte black with silver-grey lenses or grey polarized lenses, ensuring perfect vision.

The modern CARRERA folding sunglasses will be available at high-end opticians starting October 2012.


Versace Eyewear 2012 Fall-Winter / Crystal Medusa


The inspiration to create an exclusive eyewear collection from The Versace fashion House was the brand’s jewelry line. Full of sophistication, femininity and elegance were included into the basis features of the Versace collection – Crystal Medusa. The new eyewear models are designed in a bright style and the incomparable charm and elegance that have always distinguished the unique style of the Versace brand.

The new Crystal Medusa series Versace 2012 Fall-Winter was taken for an ad campaign photographed by Mert Alas and Markus Piggott.

The Crystal Medusa collection consists of two models: sun and optical.



The first model has three-dimensional forms. Glasses were decorated with the metal parts and the Swarovski’s crystals, which stress and release the head of Medusa (the symbol of the fashion House), located on the temples on the model. A bright outline around the logo is moving from light brown to brownish-purple, a graceful style enhance the model.

The second model is made in a vintage style. The brand logo – the head of Medusa – in this model is covered with lacquer and decorated with the Swarovski’s crystals, as well.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses – Runway Show Fall 2012


As winter is approaching in Europe, the Marc Jacobs has decided to break the darkness of time by a creation of an imagining pair of sunglasses, which are illuminated with bright crystals of Swarovski, last looks like the water drops – MJ 454 frames is available in silver and red colors. These sunglasses were used for the latest Marc Jacobs’ Runway Winter Show 2012-2013. The Marc Javobs brand, always known by its surrealist vision on fashion trends. These features were found in a vintage style of the round-shaped frame. To protect these unusual sunglasses , the first 500 cases are also incrusted by Swarovski crystals.



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Tods Eyewear Campaign Fall-Winter 2012-2013


The sophisticated feelings of the cafe inspired in the design by Italian modernism becomes the background for the new Tod’s Eyewear campaign Fall-Winter 2012-2013.

Inside the photos, which were taken by a professional photographer Michelangelo Di Battista, the counter of a bar, handcrafted in precious materials, namely copper and steel, is enriched by details in calf leather, unmistakable symbol of the Brand name. It is definitely the perfect setting to beautifully frame the brand new Tod’s collection. An unreal, practically wonderful feeling characterizes the newest eyewear campaign 2012, like a refined appearance of quality and elegance, values which are the foundation of Tod’s company.