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The aviator of 80 years is the proposal for the new collection of designer sunglasses from Tag Heuer. The models are light, modern color combinations with the rods and handmade in France, and bring the whole aura “avant-garde” of the time.
There are also options, polarized and photochromic lenses, including the versions shown here, as well as a hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment on the lenses, which effectively repels water, sweat and dust, causing the lenses stay cleaner and last long

Tag Heuer: L-Type sunglasses won the Red Dot Award 2011


Tag Heuer was awarded a prestigious award in the field of optics. The mark, in fact, thanks to its model line of the L-Type LW Tag Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear, and is’ brought home the 2011 edition of the Red Dot Award. A model sleek modern materials and hotel, perfect for anyone in a pair of sunglasses looking for something more ‘than a mere accessory, but want a tech tool definitely, by design, advanced, and its composition, which enables high performance.
The new model of sunglasses from Tag Heuer, the leader in watchmaking but offers a complete range of accessories to make our very full look, and ‘very unique, very innovative, cutting edge, ideal for those who demand the most of what ‘he wears.

Tag Heuer releases Squadra Night Vision optics

TH Squadra

Tag Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear has created Squadra Night Vision – the world’s first ophthalmic mask made specifically for night driving.
Designed with endurance race in mind, their Squadra glass is used by team Peugeot during this year’s Le Mans Endurance Race.
With titanium arms, high contrast lenses, they assisted the Peugeot team into the champion stand by improving their drivers’ night vision.
TH Squadra

TAG Heuer Night Vision is the first in the world to provide a correction for “universal nocturnal myopia” – the tendency of human eyes to loose sharp distance viewing at night – while better distinguishing contrasts in the dark, reducing eye fatigue.
TH Squadra

Tag Heuer presents Racer

Tag Heuer Racer

Iconic ambassador of Tag Heuer Steve Mcqueen embodies the values inspired by sport thanks to his legendary role in the movie “Le Mans” in 1970. And it ‘starting from this competitive spirit that the designers of Tag Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear Racer have created a unique designer eyewear.
Racer is a pair of sunglasses with sports and racing lines, manufactured in factories in France Tag Heuer glasses located in the French Jura.
Despite Racer sunglasses have been created for young audiences and wider, certainly all the technical qualities of precision and performance that characterize the brand Tag Heuer, which permits use these glasses for sports performance with ease.

Maria Sharapova collaborates with TAG Heuer Eyewear


Tennis star Maria Sharapova is internationally known for her flawless tennis swing and impeccable sense of style, on and off the tennis court.
Now TAG Heuer Eyewear and Sharapova have collaborated to design a new collection of sunglasses that deliver both function and fashion. Avant-garde, ultra-feminine and incredibly comfortable – the Maria Sharapova Collection by TAG Heuer Eyewear includes two distinctive styles.




The iconic aviator style includes a sleek line at top and bold thick frame that combine for a cutting-edge look.
The oversized round style is elegantly sculpted, offering 3D curvy coverage worthy of the red carpet.
Both styles feature Sharapova’s signature discreetly laser-etched into the shatter-resistant, ultra-light lenses, which offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection.
Material highlights such as superbly smooth black acetate hand-polished to a mirror finish and racecar-grade stainless steel stand out from the crowd.
The Maria Sharapova Collection by TAG Heuer Eyewear is available in black with gray or gradated lenses, or in three other trendy color combinations.
The collection goes on sale soon, stay tuned to the site