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Galassia Sunglasses: Exclusive Project By Salvatore Ferragamo


In about a month Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques will be hit by a new sunglasses design which is called Galassia (Galaxy). The name is not accidental – the eyewear pieces by a renowned Italian brand will be decorated with studs meant to display stars. The embellishments feature three different sizes for a more lifelike effect.

This is not an ordinary pair of decorated eyewear – it’s a genuine work of art. The Salvatore Ferragamo artisans have attached all of the 253 studs on each piece by hand. It’s nice to wear something that required so much effort and patience to create. Another decoration piece is the laser-engraved logo on the inside of the temple.

Since you have to wait some time for these pieces to become available, you have time to decide which of the two color variations you are going to opt for. There is a black one decorated with golden studs and a brown one with gun-metal studs.

It’s really inspiring to wear jewelry-like eyewear. And once you put on Galassia design, only sky will be a limit for you and your goals.

The price is also kind of sky-high – around 500 euros. After all this is a luxurious piece of eyewear and the price makes it even more desirable.

Ferragamo Eyewear – Campaign Spring / Summer 2013

@RaqzZimmermann @Seanopry55 for @Ferragamo #eyewear #campaign #springsummer2013


The new eyewear line featured in the Spring / Summer 2013 campaign of the Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo is starring by the models Raquel Zimmermann, an iconic Brazilian model, and Sean O’Pry. The photos were taken by the well-known fashion photographer David Sims. For this summer 2013 season Salvatore Ferragamo has proposed an eyewear collection with the refined style, designed with attention to details.


New Salvatore Ferragamo SF 656SR Sunglasses – Collection 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo SF 656SR

Just a few days has left as the Salvatore Ferragamo brand has released its 2013 eyewear line in Hong Kong. Theу greatest trend for summer 2013 has become frames, decorated with crystals-swarovski, for example, Marc Jacobs with his runway collection

SF 656R. Italian luxury and quality. This sophisticated cat-eye sunglasses are are crafted in high-gloss zyl and features a golden emblem stamped along the temples. A delicate result appeals through to haute-look on this fabulous slinky style. SF6556R are obtainable in Deep Black color, Crystal Brown, Pearl Sand, Crystal Red and Crystal Petrol Green.

Fashion Rainbow Ferragamo Sunglasses – Arcobaleno

Salvatore Ferragamo – Rainbow Sunglasses “Arcobaleno” Limited Edition

Anchored with a feeling of traditional chicness, these types of shades are definitely the beautifully balanced present day analogues for the 1930s wedge sandals Ferragamo himself made for the late Judy Garland. It’s possible to only guess that individuals iconic multi-colored bands of suede on these wedges were the inspiration behind the architecural ton-sur-ton shapes that elegance the sides of the wide tortoise acetate frames.


A no-brainer summer time choice, the ‘Arcobaleno’ is available in black, brown, purple and red colors etc.

The new fashion Salvatore Ferragamo has Summer 2012 rainbow mood. Let’s just hope they will do a little bit more digging with the coming Fall and find another long, although not lost, house treasure on the way.





Milan Fashion Week: Ferragamo Men Sunglasses – Spring 2013


Some summer time shows are colorful, some aren’t. This collection was certainly within the former category and was in line with a few of the other collections out of this season which have renedered bold utilization of vibrant yellow and orange tones.

Designer Massimo Giornetti certainly transformed inspiration for his latest collection in the helm of Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. If fall-winter 2012 involved reinventing the thought of an elegant businessman in dark and deep colors, for spring-summer time 2013 the designer elected for any pleased and lively mood that infected the entire collection, because of appealing and bold shades. There isn’t any room for black for Ferragamo sunglasses summer 2013 season, but this doesn’t imply that the gathering displayed by Giornetti wasn’t refined. Actually it incorporated desirable and, first and foremost, wearable pieces, developed in a contented palette of colours that mixes colorful hues, or fresh sorbet shades, showing that color obstructing at its finest doesn’t exclude perfectly customized pieces and sartorial silhouettes, matched up with youthful and colorful athletic shoes, even most abundant in sophisticated and delicate suits. Graphic designs and stripes would be the only prints shown on the Milanese runway, for any collection that began having a wise orgy of colours, and ended with pure and immaculate whitened looks, adorned by small and colorful particulars. Once more Giornetti shipped a wise, beautiful and desirable collection, but first and foremost he dared using a concept, color obstructing, inside a new and appealing way.

If you haven’t become it right now, color may be the trend for Spring-Summer 2013. Salvatore Ferragamo rocks us together with his vibrant yellows, blues, oranges and vegetables. His crisp whites leave us in awe whether on their own or as accents.



Ferragamo Fashion Sunglasses Fall-Winter 2012-2013


The gorgeous supermodel Kate Moss, icon of style, has become the star of the new advertising eyewear campaign fall-winter 2012-2013 of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion Italian house.

The chic brand is on the list of favorites from Italian and international famous people and has chosen to concentrate on the very poor English girl, the makers, regardless of the passing of years, carry on and love, to provide the new Ferragamo sunglasses collection for this cold trend fashion season set to unveil the double soul of the woman who Ferragamo, in accordance with the event, understands how to show its more modern than most sensual and elegant. Let’s discover the brand Ferragamo eyewear winter 2013 new collection in the powerful shots featuring Kate Moss.

The most famous model at this moment and one of the few, of his generation, to be still going strong. And high interest in promotional initiatives for fashion brands as unique of each other, is a fashion icon proven, has created capsule clothes collection for Topshop and brands such as Longchamp and introduced the perfume of its own. All they need and actually Salvatore Ferragamo has wouldn’t do so in his last promoting. In the actual fashion sunglasses photos of the advertising campaign, created by the professional photographer Mikael Jansson. The model wears the look of the new powerful and useful variety of brands that fit wonderfully to the setting selected, just as baroque and tasteful, exquisite, the Russian Embassy in Berlin. In the images the super top wearing some decorative accents strpitosi accessories, such as clutch tubular, high-heeled shoes with all the line that is similar to the pieces of art and amazing, superb, amazing mary jane stitched in gold retro charm. The clothes and sunglasses, from the baroque details, finishes, they are enhanced by the wonderful Sofia bag. One of the it bag of the residence, displayed by Moss in the picture above.

Simply speaking, the Feragamo sunglasses 2013 collection is so stylish that they wouldn’t need any release, but with pictures of this specific advertising, the brand has certainly outdone themself.



Fashion Eyewear – Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses- 50′s Limited Edition



The fashion eyewear brand Salvatore Ferragamo has prepared a very luxury and stylish collection of sunglasses – Fifties. If you prefer to have extremely special accessories, chic, exciting and trust a prestigious Italian fashion brand Ferragamo such you will surely like the limited edition sunglasses.

The latest eyewear collection Fifties is inspired by the 50’s and is presented in this particular fashion spring-summer 2012 season.


The limited edition sunglasses Fifties introduce a retro style chic. The feminine, sophisticated and glamorous eyewear line describe a true diva o a loved actresses. Cat-eye lenses, which are so actual this hot season, were embroidered with sparkling crystals.

The Fifties sunglasses are available in three models: a black variant, a turtle and a Brown stripes.
Also you can find these pair of Ferragamo sunglasses enclosed in a box, made in 1950s-style, red grosgrain fabric, while the Interior is cream colored velvet.


Fashion Eyewear Ferragamo 2012 Spring/Summer Collection


The fashion eyewear Ferragamo collection for S/S 2012 embodies exclusive and timeless styles. The Ferragamo brand is associated with luxury innovative materials with modern creativity is translated into the fashion sunwear collection.

Ferragamo SF610S

Ferragamo SF102SL
Ferragamo SF102SL

The Gancino and Vara iconic Ferragamo details commonly included into the accessory eyewear collections and are stylishly placed on the frame. The Gancino, reminiscent of the company’s legendary Florentine headquarters, Palazzo Spini Feroni’s, iron gate, is molded from polished metal and filled with decorated enamel that highlights the timeless accent. Engraved with the Ferragamo logo, the Vara clasp is found on the temples.

The Ferragamo eyewear fashion collection shows rich materials, classic shapes in color leather with elegant and eternally chic.

Ferragamo SF101S
Ferragamo SF101S

Fashion Eyewear Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2012 / Video


For the fashion eyewear spring-summer 2012 season the Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear collection includes unique and timeless frames. Each detail you can see watching the Salvatore Ferragamo presentation eyewear video.

The famous luxury brand uses the innovative materials and skilled craftsmanship, combines it with modern inspiration and translates it into the sun wear collection. The fashion eyewear models are Incorporated with stylish sparkling accents on the fronts, temples are created with the influence of sophisticated femininity and casual masculinity.

Graceful and forever chic, the Ferragamo fashion eye wear 2012 collection will continue to transcend opportunity.

Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2012 Sunglasses Campaign with Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear spring-summer 2012 campaign
Gisele Bundchen Salvatore Ferragamo spring-summer 2012 campaign

Gisele Bundchen Salvatore Ferragamo spring-summer 2012 campaign

We have already shown you a very special and not usual eyewear fashion line from Salvatore Ferragamo Runway Spring-Summer 2012.

Nowadays we can present you the photos for the Spring-Summer 2012 Ad Campaign on a tropical sunny Jamaica beach.

There was the first image of Salvatore Ferragamo Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign in the network publishing at the end of December 2011. The face of the fashion campaign became the supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The shooting took place in Jamaica at Golden Eye Resort, which is located in a small town of Oracabessa. Noah Mills became a partner of Gisele as the face of the male line of the brand. Salvatore Ferragamo continues to tap only the best models to front their spring-summer 2012 fashion campaign.

The fashion campaign with Gisele Bundchen and Noah Mills with Salvatore Ferragamo fashion eyewear look like the “ideal Ferragamo woman and man” for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. This eyewear fashion line is very special and is ideal for resort time.