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PUMA Pounces into Spring

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts will fall head over heels for the new PUMA Eyewear collection. This collection, debuting at International Vision Expo East this week, includes 15 eyeglasses and 10 sunglasses that are geared toward fashion forward, active individuals.
Inspired by the PUMA motorsport legacy, this collection fuses high-tech materials with sophisticated minimalist detailing to provide a smooth and aerodynamic feel. Design elements include metal-rubber frames, colored lenses, dynamic shapes, cut outs and the signature PUMA logo.


Puma Renews Contract With Eyewear Licensee Charmant

The Sportlifestyle company PUMA has updated the global license agreement for Sunglasses and Optical eyewear with Charmant Group. Since the first license contract PUMA and Charmant have established a efficient relationship, sharing the same values and ambition to design and create innovative PUMA Eyewear. They propose a wide line of sophisticated lifestyle and functional PUMA eyewear products that start in sports and end in style, hence perfectly suiting the PUMA personality.


Puma Eyewear From Charmant

Puma: sunglasses for the 2010 World Cup

Puma 2010

During special events, especially sports like the Olympics and the World Cup, many brands and companies specializing mainly in clothing and accessories for boys and dynamic sport, decided to create the special collections and lines in order to celebrate these competitions of great importance. In past years we have seen brands such as Adidas or Nike, with their talent and their imagination, they were able to create shirts and accessories in their unique style with the intention of celebrating imported sporting events.

From this concept I want to introduce today a special initiative designed and built by famous company Puma, known multinational apparel German famous, especially among the people of the sport.
The National Assembly of Cameroon, that of Poland, the Czech Republic, and many more, about 12 in total, mostly of African origin, decided to begin offering, in collaboration with Charmant Group, a brand new line of sunglasses, Puma Eyewear, devoted entirely to the next World Cup to be held, starting next June in Africa.
This is a sunglass line, simple, born inspiration to young African football champions, their culture and their tradition always full of joy, vitality and color, as these are new glasses which, by the color of the lit yellow, white, blue, red and black, want to express in full the charm of this land so special and full of mystery.