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Tom Ford Men’s Eyewear Fall/Winter 2013-14 Campaign Preview


It’s a little bit early to present fall / winter 2013-2014 eyewear campaigns. Still there are eyewear lovers who just can’t wait. That is why some brands have published preview photos. Tom Ford is this kind of understanding brand.

So far we’ve only been able to check out the lookbook for male winter looks. The oversized eyeglasses with thick black frames perfectly mix with checked suits, furry tuxedos and bow-ties.

On the preview photos three models flaunting Tom Ford eyeglasses are sitting off center to the right and looking straight at the camera – it’s like their eyes are asking: who are you, the person staring at Tom Ford eyewear campaign photo? Well, there is a lot to look at: firstly, the amazing oversized eyeglasses, secondly, the handsome models – Tom Ford eyewear fall / winter 2014 campaign stars are Oli Tyler, Juan Betancourt and Conrad Bromfield.

More campaign photos are expected to appear on the pages of glossy magazines around August. But you can also follow the latest Tom Ford eyewear news on our wonderful blog.

Lanvin Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 Collection


Ready to see what men’s eyewear Lanvin suggests wearing this summer? Not often the selection of sunglasses for men features such diversity! Have a look!

The highlight item of spring / summer eyewear collection is perhaps the angular shades featured in the campaign. By the way Lanvin spring / summer 2013 video is very specific. No sooner have you pressed play, when you see Lanvin creative director – Alber Elbaz as if calling you via Skype. You hear him commenting everything that is going on in the video – that’s really an original solution for a fashion campaign. And the casual manner in which Alber Elbaz shares his insights really makes you believe that he has really joined you with Skype to help you get the idea behind the campaign. Apparently the creative director of Lanvin is perfectly satisfied with the chic Californian atmosphere created in the video.


Now – back to Lanvin men’s shades. The angular acetate sunglasses may look a little bit too massive on Lanvin male models with their thin faces and heavy bangs – but on men with less model looks it will sure look impressive. Thick acetate frame comes in three color variations – black, khaki and blue.


Lanvin men’s eyewear collection for this summer includes aviators in different guises – the shield design, and a couple of aviator designs with a double bridge. The metal design LM46ASLN002 features intricately designed temples with shiny edges and massive hinges.


And as far as the women’s campaign is concerned we should draw your attention to the luxurious Lanvin eyewear piece LW47ASLN557S – the rims of the lenses and the temples are embellished with sparkly copper gold.Just pair them with a red lipstick like Montana Cox did for the campaign photo and it would be really hard for everybody you meet to take their eyes of you. These Lanvin sunglasses are also available in ivory. There is something really worthy in Lanvin spring / summer eyewear collection to add to your wish-list (or shopping list). And don’t forget to watch the campaign video!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Men’s Eyewear Resort 2014


Have you ever wondered what it looks like when the brand presents its brand-new collection to the buyers? Now you have the opportunity to see everything yourself! Checked trousers, patterned shorts, catchy knitwear, original shoes and extravagant Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses – all these may be soon found in Marc by Marc Jacobs lookbook for cruise 2014 season! And until then we can explore the behind-the-scenes video.

The eclectic 90s style is the highlight of the collection. Marc Jacobs has designed dozens of great resort garments for men this year. So be attentive when watching the behind-the-scenes video and once the collection is available you’ll know what you want to buy.


We would like to draw your attention to the sunglasses featured in the photo shoot. These are semi-rimless Marc by Marc Jacobs men’s sunglasses with oversized rounded lenses. And the colors will just blow your mind – yellow and red lenses do make the shades special. And it’s not that the rest of the collection is plain – colors and patterns are everywhere. Apparently Marc Jacobs suggests being dressed boldly and brightly in 2014.

The sunglasses look particularly bold when paired with heavy bangs, just like the ones the model Marc Sebastian Faiella wears during the photo shoot. Or! You can borrow some ideas from the looks of the rock starts of the past. This kind of design was popular among them. By the way, theses shades have a touch of hippie style. So if you like bohemian garments – be sure to check optical stores for Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses in 2014.

Police Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 – Unusual Suspects


Have you ever heard of Police eyewear? You should have – they are in fact a really interesting company. As the name implies they are eligible for the members of the police to wear – that means impeccable design and no frills – just reasonable detailing. Mirrored aviators are their iconic model.

Still this season Police designers (as they themselves put it) have went color crazy – their classy double-bridge aviators now feature absolutely unexpected colors – technicolors according to the Police Eyewear language. They are mirrored sunglasses by the way. And although this design is all the go, not all brands seem to have embraced the trend. There is a more or less traditional sandy hue. But in addition to that there are an orange and green variations.

More than that, if the double-bridge aviators don’t look flattering on you – there is a rectangular design with a black plastic frame featuring the same colors.


This is actually not the whole range of sunglasses Police offers its fans this season. We are going to reveal the rest of the selection later – so for now take your time to enjoy these colorful shades. Police has in fact coined a special term for them – unusual suspects.

Looks like Police brand is showing its true colors. Although we always expected something like that from that – they really are creative – they always have the coolest campaign photos – they look a lot like film posters.Truly unique brand.

Nina Ricci Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 Ad Campaign


The French fashion house has designed truly elegant eyewear collection embodying chic femininity. But we can’t describe Nina Ricci eyewear without saying a few words about spring / summer dresses and the rest of the campaign.

The campaign video was created by Inez van lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Arizona Muse totally delivered the spirit of this ultra-feminine collection. In the video she is running with rose discs are floating around. And it turns out she is running towards a huge metal fan – that’s a really unusual situation when the massive fan is perceived more as an art object. The fan raises the flows of flower petals into the air. The video is created so skillfully that you can actually feel the breath of wind and smell the gentle sent of roses.


The campaign contains a large portion of pink – pink pumps, pink lipstick, pink roses and a pink sunglasses frame. The glasses are not featured in the video. Instead there are atmospheric campaign photos of Nina Ricci eyeglasses and sunglasses with pink floating disks on the background.


Nina Ricci eyeglasses flaunted by Arizona Muze feature a very flattering shape and a slightly retro design. And the inside of the temple features the address of Nina Ricci boutique in Paris.



Apart from the Nina Ricci eyeglasses featured in the campaign, the brand designers have created a few more items. Check NR2717 for example. Two-tone frame is formed by metal and acetate. And the unusually designed end pieces resemble Nina Ricci iconic beaux art ring (see photo). The same detailing decorates Nina Ricci oval sunglasses which come in a variety of colors.


And now you deserve to spend a few moments in the wonderful rosy world of Nina Ricci – the video is so breathtaking you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Chloe Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2013 Ad Campaign


Do you feel like seeing a portion of new Chloe sunglasses? Check out the above picture from Chloe spring / summer 2013 campaign!


The models Tilda Lindstam and Caroline Brash flaunt a new Chloe eyewear design Agathéa that employs acetate and metal to make use of the best features of both materials. The oversized rectangular shades have a transparent frame and are meant to complete Chloe spring summer dresses that feature the most gentle ice-cream colors, ruffles and lacy fabrics. The cream-colored graded lenses of these Chloe sunglasses add a mystery to the eyes. So unmistakably French.


The photograper Glen Luchford tried to recreate a laid-back summery atmosphere. And thanks to a cosy interior and loose hairstyle the photos really radiate lightness and relaxation. That makes the sunglasses look even more appealing.


By the way the brand is celebrating its 6oth anniversary this year. And if you look at the other photos, you’ll notice cushions with a signature Chloe Eventail motif that serves as a tribute to the brand’s rich history. And there is a lot of iconic Chloe sunglasses to look back on. Check the legendary Erine design, for example – the rounded shades decorated with metallic scallops. Consider an ivory color variation for summer.

Tory Burch Eyewear Fall 2013


Tory Burch fall collection presentation was quite a show. The luxurious ballroom of the Pierre Hotel decorated with numerous chandeliers provided a perfect setting for the attention-grabbing looks. The main idea behind the collection is Art Nouveau legacy. Flavored with insect theme it turned into a nice collection of clothes and accessories that a woman can wear the whole day from morning to evening. Three pairs of Tory Burch fall sunglasses form a line of eyewear accessories suitable for different occasions.

The item with a nude frame is perfect for light street-style outfits, the one with saturated-blue temples can form a striking look that is elegant and fashion-forward at the same time. And the purple Tory Burch sunglasses are surely designed for dressy events.


The color palette was borrowed from Gustav Klimt’s canvases. Warm hues of yellow, blue and burgundy just radiate Tory Burch’s unique vision of fashion. And now try to imagine all this diluted with insect-inspired detailing. The clothing was decorated with beetle and scarab prints. Tory Burch also mentioned the creations of Art Nouveau jeweller René Lalique as a source of inspiration – and you can see his influence in the catchy bags and jewelry.


The spirit of Tory Burch fall 2013 collection is reflected in every detail. Even the sunglasses capture the essence of insect theme. The flared edges resemble dragonfly wings and the iridescent embellishments on the frames look like the play of light on the carapace of some bug.

Tory Burch winter sunglasses feature a very distinct cat-eye shape. Well, not all cats can boast such curvy eyes. These sunglasses seem to resemble the eyes of insects rather than the eyes of cats – sort of bug-eye sunglasses. These are definitely designed for ultimate fashionistas who like to stand out of the crowd.

Jimmy Choo Flash Sunglasses for Autumn 2013


The brands that don’t deal exclusively with eyewear, often draw the inspiration for new designs from their other creations. Remember how new Alexander McQueen sunglasses resemble the iconic heroine handbag? Jimmy Choo followed similar path and introduced sunglasses inspired by new Jimmy Choo perfume Flash.

The idea behind the newest Jimmy Choo perfume is really original. It embodies the excitement and fun of getting ready for a dressy event. Trying on all your best looks, making a fancy make-up, putting on your high-heels, spending hours in front of the mirror – all these emotions a woman experiences during preparation moments inspired the glamorous spirit of Jimmy Choo fragrance. This same spirit is reflected in Jimmy Choo Flash sunglasses.

Jimmy Choo Flash sunglasses feature a sleek cat-eye shape. But the key feature is the glittering fabric with Swarovski crystals on the front part. These shades give off a wonderful Swarovski glitter that looks especially impressive when they reflect the lights of soffits and camera flashes. It’s hard to be left unnoticed wearing these sparkling sunglasses.

These eyewear items come in four color variations. The one with shaded brown lenses feature nude crystals and a nude frame. Other options have grey lenses and include the black sunglasses with silver crystals, blue shades with either blue or black crystals and black sunglasses with black crystals. You are very likely to find the one to match your favorite evening gown.

All the sunglasses come with a case adorned with glittering fabric – that’s because the accessories for special events should be stored in fancy cases.

You only need to wait until August for the eyewear pieces to become available in Jimmy Choo boutiques and selected department stores. Autumn is a great time to attend premieres, exhibition openings and fashion weeks. Jimmy Choo sunglasses are the kind of accessory that’ll help you to look the part during any of these events.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers Spring / Summer 2013


This spring / summer 2013 Ray-Ban has prepared something really special for its fans. And as there is hardly a person who is indifferent to Ray-Ban sunglasses, everyone, read on!

You know, how it’s a good idea to have some universal accessories that match most of your clothes and are acceptable to be worn all year around. But if you are a kind of person who likes “here and now” kind of lifestyle – that’s not your way. In winter months you probably wear something that is truly wintery, and around June you feel like buying a few undoubtedly summer garments. Sounds like you? Then don’t miss spring / summer 2013 collection of Ray-Ban wayfarers.


Ray-Ban designers just injected a dose of new trends into the legendary wayfarer design. The new additions to Ray-Ban selection are presented in two lines. There is a Ray Ban Wayfarer Surf Up line employing Hawaiian floral pattern and Ray Ban Wayfarer Patchwork with the pattern resembling patchwork technique. It’s really original to get inspired by the pattern that is often used for making warm winter rugs to create summer eyewear, but in case of Ray Ban it really works.


One can choose between two designs: the one with the temples only patterned from inside and the other with unusual coloring embellishing the whole piece. These undoubtedly look more summer when, for example, black wayfarers. And they are way more original than colored wayfarers that feature just one hue.


Pay attention to the Ray-Ban summer sunglasses with a wood-like texture. This one is extremely fashionable this season. As you see, not a single trend misses the minds of Ray-Ban designers.

The idea of adding a modern touch to timeless design with several strokes of paint is simple as all the brilliant ideas are. That’s how classy Ray-Ban sunglasses turn into ultra-trendy accessories.

Saint Laurent Eyewear Fall / Winter 2013-2014 Part 1


Cara Delevingne is the model so frequently seen in various campaigns as well as on catwalks that even people not that interested in fashion can now easily pronounce her tricky last name. In April she got involved in a new project – Saint Laurent campaign for fall / winter 2013-2014.

Together with musician Cole Smith she flaunted new Saint Laurent creations in the photo shoot by Hedi Slimane. Hedi Slimane has recently been appointed creative director at Saint Laurent – and he totally brought his own unique aesthetics to the campaigns of the luxury fashion house.


Cara Delevingne and Cole Smith both wore Saint Laurant sunglasses with aviator shape and a double nose bridge. A slight green hue of the lenses is just the right coloring to match grunge outfits.

According to some critics Saint Laurent fall / winter collection lacks sophistication when compared with other brands’ collections. But these garments and accessories will undoubtedly add a touch of grunge to your wardrobe.

Your eyes have probably seen many campaign photos for this season but when you see this particular campaign you realize that it feels different – more down-to-earth and even homey – still very atmospheric.

Once you’ve looked at the photos, you instantly feel like buying a floral-patterned dress, donning a pair of aviators, making Cara Delevingne-like messy hairstyle and make oneself cosy in front of an open window. When you are stylishly dressed, you somehow start to appreciate the view outside the window at a new level. That’s in case you are girl. And guys after having watched this video will probably feel like escaping to some remote seaside house to think over the great plans that always fill their heads. Saint Laurent sunglasses may be a nice addition to the thinking-and-contemplating process.

Watch the campaign photos assembled in a short video and get absorbed in the photo shoot atmosphere. By the way this isn’t the whole campaign. The second part of the collection will be presented in the middle of June. Can’t wait!