Carrera and Oxydo: together in the film Backward


According to the young director of Backward, presented out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival, glasses have become a real status symbol, with which new generations are deeply identified, even more than with cars and phones (in the picture, one of the characters, Loris Mazza, with a pair of Carrera sunglasses).
Within the film, the cast, composed mainly by Ugo Conti, Tony Sperandeo, Gerardo Placido and Randi Ingerman, decided to wear sunglasses appartendenti two different brands appreciated by young people: the Carrera brand, beloved for its strong frames vintage inspiration, and the brand that makes sunglasses Oxydo elegant and fote trend.

Roberto Cavalli Corniola – Kim Cattrall – Sex And The City 2


In Sex And The City 2, actress Kim Cattrall wears Roberto Cavalli Corniola RC445S sunglasses. Her character Samantha Jones is wearing these sunglasses while lounging at the hotel pool in Abu Dhabi.

The glasses seem to have a white stone near the hinge, but dark arms and brown gradient lenses. The stone might have been changed for the movie, because this exact color combination doesn’t seem to be available. These Corniola sunglasses come in several color combinations, and are available on

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Oakley Commit SQ sunglasses

Oakley Commit SQ

The Commit SQ is the new women’s sports performance model, designed to offer no compromise fit, lens quality and stability for sportswomen, whatever their sport.
Available in a huge variety of frame colours and lens tints, I tried the polarized version. The benefits of a polarized lens are a massive reduction in glare and dazzle and Oakley’s lens claims greater than 99% polarization efficiency. It does have the somewhat bizarre side effect of making car windscreens look 3D but other than that the result is a restful and squint free ride, no matter how sunny. Oakley’s Plutonite lens material stops all UV. The tough lenses are also treated with a water and grease resistant coating, which provided you look after the glasses as suggested, will keep them smear and scratch free for years.
Oakley Commit SQ

Aside from sun protection, the Commits also offer impact resistance that’ll protect your eyes from debris. The shape of the frame and lens partnership also assists in this, providing good coverage around the whole eye socket area, yet still allowing for easy all round vision, with no impingement. The Commit frame is fine tuned to be best suited to the shape of a female face.
Most importantly, obviously, the Commits look very cool. They will happily shade your eyes whether you’re mooching around town, hitting the slopes, out on the yacht (the polarized lens is ideal for watersports too) or chasing down that breakaway group, and you’ll always look the part.

Dsquared2 Lucite Sunglasses: A Funky New Eyewear

Dsquared2 Lucite

One of the latest eyewear from Dsquared2 is here. The eyewear is called Lucite. It comes in funky design with authoritative charm.
Dsquared2’s Lucite sunglasses is a navigator sunglasses. It has a pair of squared teardrop-formed glasses that are coated in graduated style. These lenses are mounted by a lightweight navigator acetate frame. On the sides are the arms combined with flat metal and acetate.

The new Lucite sunglasses of Dsquared2 is, without a doubt, a funky sophisticated eyewear for women.

Tiffany & Co Sunglasses

TIF 4022-B

Each Tiffany & Co. creation is a work of brilliant craftsmanship and stunning beauty. From the jewelry house that adorned Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis comes an exclusive and chic eyewear collection of unrivaled luxury. Every pair of these precious sunglasses arrives in the distinctive and famous Tiffany Blue® Box.
TIF 4022-B

Gucci Mane has an eyewear ‘Emergency’

If you suspected that Gucci Mane’s stint in the clink might have tamed his resplendent looniness, try again. In his new video for the slurry and goofy-swaggering single “911 Emergency,” not only does he inaugurate a magnificent new trend in eyewear, but he also wears them on his face. And ostensibly while stealing your girlfriend to boot.
We’d say, “Yr doin it wrong,” but Gucci’s probably right on this one too.

Vogue CFDA Sunglasses Collection


Summer is starting and it’s time for some new sunglasses. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Luxottica have teamed up with designers Devi Kroell, Kara Ross and Matt Murphy to create a limited edition Vogue Eyewear Collection. The collection marks the first time that each of these designers has designed sunglasses.

Shown above are the Devi Kroell Whip sunglasses. The Whip has a modern safari look with a snakeskin texture in a creamy ivory shade with gold-toned mirrored lenses and metal accents on the nose bridge. Two more designs and a video after the jump.


The Neo from New York City-based designer Matt Murphy was inspired by sleek curves and the jet-black body of a race car. The sunglasses have gradient lenses, metal details and silver racing stripes.


The Infinity from Kara Ross riffs on some of the looks seen in her jewelry and exotic handbags. The Infinity frame has a square-edged tortoiseshell acetate frame while the feminine shape of the infinity link with matte gold detailing balances out the angular oversized frame.

Dolce and Gabbana DG2049 Is A Rocking Cool Eyewear


One of the coolest Dolce and Gabbana eyewear collection that you should have is the model DG2049. This eyewear has a funky appeal that maintains the formality. So whether you wear it with your suit or not, this sunglasses will add to your authoritative look.

Dolce and Gabbana’s DG 2049 is a formal yet funky sunglasses. It has rectangular-formed lenses with light coatings. These glasses are framed with thin metal aviator. On the sides are the acetate temples with Dolce and Gabbana signature near the temples.



If you are the serious type, this Dolce and Gabbana DG 2049 sunglasses will suit you well.

Eva Mendes wears Ferragamo Sunglasses

We have an interesting pair of sunglasses spotted the sweet face friction American Eva Mendes, an artist known worldwide for playing many different roles in different movies each gender, an actress known, of course, for his features and his body all breathtaking curves that made many men lose their heads.


The actress was photographed some time ago, and roam the streets of Los Angeles in the company of a pair of sunglasses numbered Ferragamo brand lovers and much appreciated by many stars, in fact many of them never seem to want to separate from their Ferragamo sunglasses!


In this case the lovely Eva was wearing a paparazzi sunglasses oversized frame made of rectangular lines, slightly rounded and wider in the outer parts, a very interesting model proposed by Brown shaded lenses and a copper colored pale chic and sophisticated.
A glamorous pair of sunglasses that will make you literally lose your head!