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Persol PO 649 Sunglasses

PO 649S

An icon of style from the well-known eyewear brand Persol. The PO 659 sunglass frame has been produced since 1957, perhaps, it’s the most famous Persol’s model.

They were originally designed for drivers in Turin as the protection from dust and streem air. The next level this model obtain with Marcello Mastroianni who worn PO 649 sunglasses in ‘Divorce Italian Style’.

We believe that this model will never go out of style and will be always packed with new colors and treatment on the lenses.

The glasses combine the best of fashion and technology.

Marcello Mastroianni ‘Divorce. Italian Style’

po 649

Zac Efron wears Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses


Does Zac Efron look great in these PO 649 shades? Zac Efron, the star of High School Musical, is seen wearing a pair of Persol PO 0649 sunglasses. This frame fits to any face and do a great job in any situation. The magnificence of PO 0649 s the small details that include a level of style that other designer sunglasses can’t even come close to. The unique arch and the brand silver arrows are some of the details that stimulated Steve McQueen, Keira Knightley and Ashley Olsen to prefer these frames.

The Persol eyewear brand is one of the oldest companies in the world. It was established in 1917 in Italy. The brand name takes its history from the Italian meaning “for the son” (per il sol). The Persol PO 0649 are one of Persol’s more iconic sunglasses, a very unique and original glasses.


The Persol 649 sunglasses are hand crafted with the highest quality of lenses. The manufacture protects an one year warranty. These fashion glasses come with a designer carrying case as well as a cloth to keep your glasses free of dirt and diminish damage to your lenses.

So, check out the fashion handmade Persol PO 649 eyewear.


Fashion Eyewear Persol “Capri Collection”


The feeling of the Mediterranean Island of Capri, Italy, has inspired a new fashion eyewear Persol Capri Collection: еру mix of history, events, culture and nature is what has made it beloved by so many artists, intellectuals, writers and aristocrats over the years. Every handcrafted detail of this frames symbolizes the distinctive architecture of Casa Malaparte, known as the red arrow at the horizon. Lenses are crystal green.


PO 3025

For its new Capri Eyewear Edition Persol took inspiration from an apropos place: the Casa Malaparte. This grand Italian villa sits on a top of the rocky ocean cliff on the Isle of Capri.


PO 3024

Persol crafts eyewear with inflexible Italian excellence, traditional design and careful attention to detail. Society’s elite—from movie stars to celebrities—have favored Persol frames for decades. These Persol luxury sunglasses stand out with scientific innovations and the signature trademark arrows on every pair.

The new Persol Capri Collection is a must-have masterpiece of art.

My Exclusive Persol


Persol celebrates its values of craftsmanship, luxury and the Made in Italy with My Exclusive Persol, one of the first in the sector of customizations.
My Exclusive Persol, officially presented to the press and an audience of celebrities during two signature cocktails, one in Milan and one in New York in 2009, was finally extended from mid-November at the main Italian cities.

Persol: sunglasses dedicated to Steve McQueen


During the forty years of disappearance of the great Steve McQueen, a famous eyewear brand in the modern world has decided to revive the public a truly unique eyewear worn by the plaintiff in the film “The Thomas Crown affair.
And now the Persol brand, brand Made in Italy created shortly before the ’20s by Giuseppe Ratti, has paid homage to this amazing artist on the market again by launching this fabulous pair of sunglasses so loved the charming and dark McQueen.
This is the model 714 PO which will be sold in limited editions, were in fact produced only 10,000 pieces distributed worldwide and purchased in Italy from next October 20. A unique frame that, compared to the original model, shows some minor modifications, including the name of the actor in place inside the temples and the addition of dark blue lenses, a favorite actor.

Julia Roberts Is Persol PO 2873 Sassy For “Eat, Pray, Love” Film

PO 2873

Persol PO 2873sunglasses is ten times more gorgeous on Julia Roberts. She was spotted in this eyewear while out filming her next movie entitled “Eat, Pray, Love.” This is totally the kind of sunglasses that matches her face shape! If you want a vintage-modern look, go for Persol’s PO 2873 sunglasses.
Unlike the typical Persol sunglasses, the PO 2873 model arrives in cat-eye type. In spite of this, the lenses in front are not shaped like a cat’s eye. Instead, it has a pair of semi-rectangular lenses with light solid tints. These lenses are encased in thick semi-wayfarer and cat-eye-shaped frame. And as usual, it arrives with Persol trademark metal features on the upper end pieces that are continuous on the temples.

Persol celebrates fifty years of La Dolce Vita

Persol La Dolce Vito

Always synonymous with class and style, Persol is a legendary brand in the worldwide history of eyewear. Cinema has been a constant part of its DNA: since the ’60s, Persol models have starred frequently in some of Italy’s most representative movies and are now the personal choice of numerous, unforgettable celebrities in the world of cinema and the international star system.

In 2010, for the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary movie “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini, a major ambassador for top-quality Italian cinema throughout the world, Persol presented two models of sunglasses for men and women, which conjure up the fascination and allure of Rome in the Sixties.
Two models, PO 2977S for women and PO 2978S for men, feature vintage shapes and details reminiscent of the style and taste that were part of the “sweet life” years. The model for women is cat-shaped and the men’s version has rounded edges. Colors are not just classic Black and Havana, but also unusual variations in mosaic, a revamp of Persol’s acetate models of the Sixties. “Freccia Supreme”, the unmistakable symbol of Persol excellence, is the decoration that was a characteristic of that decade. The internal part of the temples of both models is enhanced with a metal “Heritage Plaque” to celebrate the birth of the brand. The vintage-style models for men can be fitted with the very latest Foto-Polar lenses, a Persol exclusive system that combines photochromic and polarized filters on crystal lenses. This type of lens gives clear, well-defined vision and blocks reflected light thanks to the polarized filter. Lens color also adapts to the intensity of the light.
Persol La Dolce Vito

PO 2977S
An acetate model for women in the typical “cat” shape. It is available in five colors: black, Havana, light Havana, violet-blue mosaic and blue-brown mosaic. The latter two colors feature the original Sixties acetate texture. This model is also available in a version with the characteristic decoration of the original Persol collections of the Sixties. Enhancing the internal part of the temple, the “Persol 1917” Heritage Plaque is engraved with the year Persol came into being.
Persol La Dolce Vito

PO 2978S
A generous model with rounded edges for men. Made in acetate, it comes in five different colors: black, Havana, classic Havana, light Havana and forest green. The black and Havana versions also have Foto-Polar lenses. This model is also available in a version with the characteristic decoration of the original Persol collections of the Sixties. Enhancing the internal part of the temple, the “Persol 1917” Heritage Plaque is engraved with the year Persol came into being.