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Limited Edition Collection Ray-Ban Ambermatic Sunglasses


Ray-Ban is praising their 75th birthday getting a unique edition capsule range of aviator shades. The Ambermatic sunglasses collection is inspired by Ray-Ban’s first aviator shades from 1937 and includes 4 gold-rimmed aviator frames with light-sensitive photochromic yellow lens, which darken according to light and temperature conditions.

Ambermatic contacts for Ray-Ban shades were the initial true photo chromatic sunglass lens that after combined with Ray-Ban gold plated and 10k and 12k gold filed shooter and outdoors type frames increased to become vintage of vintage shades design and optical quality novelty. The Ray-Ban Ambermatic lenses have photo chromatic features that change density regarding the quantity of both illumination and temperature. Taking its title within the hue of the lens, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses frames change from amber yellow color to gray and much more dark and denser in vibrant light conditions too as with cooler temps. And this is what you’ll want and imagine in vibrant sunlight or perhaps in a ski resort when glare in the snow can become an authentic problem. The Ray-Ban sunglasses brand was purchased from B&L with the Italian conglomerate Luxottica in 1999 then ignore Ray-Ban Ambermatic shades or photography enthusiasts were shaped.

The Ray-Ban Ambermatic contacts were often combined with classic aviator sunglasses frame additionally to Outdoors type or Shooter frames, similar to aircraft pilots. While aircraft aircraft pilots firstly used Ray- Ban aviator frames sunglasses while using eco-friendly G-15.