Fashion Eyewear Ray-Ban “Legends” Campaign 75th Anniversary

“Aviator” RB 3025

The Ray-Ban Eyewear company has introduced the new fashion eyewear campaign “Legends” for the brand’s 75th anniversary. They showed their models of glasses that influenced the world and marked eyewear seasons. Each period was marked by legendary brand shapes and models of glasses: aviator sunglasses for the 30’s, wayfarer glasses for the 50’s, cat-eyes frames – from the 60’s till 80’s, John Lennon – the 70’s.

The Anniversary Ray-Ban Campaign looks so fashionable and harmonic, so truthful and alive. Take a pleasure looking the photo releases below!

“Cat-Eyes” RB4169 RB4152

Jonh Lennon RB 3447

“Cat-Eyes” RB 4126

“Geek” RX 5228

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