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Ray-Ban Wayfarers Spring / Summer 2013


This spring / summer 2013 Ray-Ban has prepared something really special for its fans. And as there is hardly a person who is indifferent to Ray-Ban sunglasses, everyone, read on!

You know, how it’s a good idea to have some universal accessories that match most of your clothes and are acceptable to be worn all year around. But if you are a kind of person who likes “here and now” kind of lifestyle – that’s not your way. In winter months you probably wear something that is truly wintery, and around June you feel like buying a few undoubtedly summer garments. Sounds like you? Then don’t miss spring / summer 2013 collection of Ray-Ban wayfarers.


Ray-Ban designers just injected a dose of new trends into the legendary wayfarer design. The new additions to Ray-Ban selection are presented in two lines. There is a Ray Ban Wayfarer Surf Up line employing Hawaiian floral pattern and Ray Ban Wayfarer Patchwork with the pattern resembling patchwork technique. It’s really original to get inspired by the pattern that is often used for making warm winter rugs to create summer eyewear, but in case of Ray Ban it really works.


One can choose between two designs: the one with the temples only patterned from inside and the other with unusual coloring embellishing the whole piece. These undoubtedly look more summer when, for example, black wayfarers. And they are way more original than colored wayfarers that feature just one hue.


Pay attention to the Ray-Ban summer sunglasses with a wood-like texture. This one is extremely fashionable this season. As you see, not a single trend misses the minds of Ray-Ban designers.

The idea of adding a modern touch to timeless design with several strokes of paint is simple as all the brilliant ideas are. That’s how classy Ray-Ban sunglasses turn into ultra-trendy accessories.