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Fashion Eyewear – Kirsten Stewart Sunglasses Ray-Ban – On the Road


Kristen Stewart plays Marylou in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel – On the Road.

Kristen Stewart’s journey from Twilight scream boat to versatile screen actress has taken her to some interesting .

Ray-Ban rb 4140

Ever since the official trailer “On the Road” and posters starting rolling out, we’ve been waiting for Kristen Stewart’s individual poster for her character.



Ray-Ban Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 – Collection “Rare Prints”

rare-prints spring 2012 RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1085/3F Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints spring summer 2012
RB2140 1092/3F Original Wayfarer

Ray-Ban shows a Wayfarer RARE PRINTS special eyewear series. You can guess that it is no ordinary sunglass collection. This special FASHION EYEWEAR lone has combined colorful new patterns with the original design.

For the coming Spring-Summer season 2012, Ray-Ban the two new eyewear designs in their Wayfarer Rare Prints line. Both of them – Typadelic and Blocks – come in a series of color variations from the 80’s. Check out the new fashion sunglasses!

RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer ray-ban rare prints 2012
RB2140 1086/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1034 Original Wayfarer ray-ban summer 2012
RB2140 1073 Original Wayfarer

ray ban rare prints RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer
RB2140 1087/32 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer rare prints ray-ban 2012
RB2140 1091/51 Original Wayfarer

RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer ray ban springsummer 2012
RB2140 1084 Original Wayfarer