Dior: Sunglasses for Spring 2011


In these days is taking place in the famous Milan Fashion Week during which the most famous brands in the world of the fashion world and offer the public parading their creations designed for next spring-summer 2011. Talking about fashion today I want to propose a pair of sunglasses offered on the catwalk of one of Paris’s most famous brands in the world for its sophisticated and elegant, a house has always been a symbol of charm and extreme good taste that continues to fascinate us fashion victims from the soul, romantic dreamer.
This is a pair of sunglasses belonging to the eyewear collection spring-summer 2011 the famous French fashion house Dior, which by next spring, has decided to propose to us women look much soap and water, essential simple but great class consisting of Jacqueline Kennedy-style outfits with knee-length skirts and jackets that play very interesting on two basic colors, black and white, up to a fabulous and voluminous evening gowns that are reminiscent Cinderella The Sleeping Beauty.
As for accessories, this signature collection of Dior, I propose a slightly oversized pair of sunglasses made of a square frame made with a total black with slightly mirrored lenses give these sunglasses that looked less than elegant.

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