Persol: sunglasses dedicated to Steve McQueen


During the forty years of disappearance of the great Steve McQueen, a famous eyewear brand in the modern world has decided to revive the public a truly unique eyewear worn by the plaintiff in the film “The Thomas Crown affair.
And now the Persol brand, brand Made in Italy created shortly before the ’20s by Giuseppe Ratti, has paid homage to this amazing artist on the market again by launching this fabulous pair of sunglasses so loved the charming and dark McQueen.
This is the model 714 PO which will be sold in limited editions, were in fact produced only 10,000 pieces distributed worldwide and purchased in Italy from next October 20. A unique frame that, compared to the original model, shows some minor modifications, including the name of the actor in place inside the temples and the addition of dark blue lenses, a favorite actor.

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