Fabulous New Style For 2011 From Emilio Pucci

For 2011, the Emilio Pucci Eyewear Collection pays homage to an array of vintage prints and adorned monograms.
A collection fused with the design vision of Peter Dundas, the eyewear expresses fluidity in design with lines creating gentle waves on temples or adjoining within one another at hinges. Shapes are revitalized with design inspirations Farfalle and Tubulari and further enhanced with vivacious colorations in a range of saturations from deep hues to lucid crystals. Although each style is unique, each is distinctively Pucci.

Emilio Pucci

EP668s – Cascading colors and fluid movement are synonymous with the Emilio Pucci brand and the inspiration for the temples of EP668s. A metal detail inspired by the “Onda” follows the gentle waves that begin on frame fronts and continue onto temples.
Emilio Pucci

EP123s – The celebrated “Vivara” prints ovals are the inspiration behind the temples of EP123s. Crafted to hinge metal frames to custom Pucci print temples, EP123s shows Pucci’s ability to continually revitalize their designs.
Emilio Pucci

EP657s – With the ability to translate effortless fluidity onto sunwear and optical, it comes as no surprise that the EP657s is inspired by the “farfalle/butterfly”. The butterfly effect is created by beveled edges of dual laminate solid zyl and transparent pucci print zyl that encompasses oversized vintage square frames. Available in black, green, brown, and purple the style is one of a kind.

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