Montblanc Sunglasses Collection Spring / Summer 2013


Montblanc has always been distinctive for its timeless designs. That is why its recent collection of sunglasses for spring / summer 2013 much resembles the previously released items. Only this time there are more interesting design solutions, a wider range of models and more luxury materials employed.

All the items bear the name of some popular tourist destination and are sure to extend your knowledge of geography or maybe even give you an idea of where the sunglasses should be worn.

The Montblanc designers haven’t experimented much with the forms this time – the men’s collection features rectangular shapes, classy aviators with double and sometimes even triple bridges featuring demi-amber, green, red and black shades. The female sunglasses are mostly oversized rectangular-shaped items. And typical for Montblanc the glasses feature elaborately designed temples with signature Montblanc emblem.

Let’s examine in detail the most spectacular models. Montblanc Montevideo is sure to catch one’s eye. The sunglasses are traditional aviators with double bridge featuring either a rose-gold or a dark grey metal frame. The combination of the grey-green of the lenses together with the bubinga wood embellishments on the temples makes the design outstanding.


Considering the ladies’ sunglasses Montblanc Almeria design is totally worth your attention. Colorwise it’s a mixture of rose and grey hues. The lenses are graded and as far as the temples are concerned, here the designers have come up with a really fresh idea and decorated them with pink leather inlays. The model is also available in black color variation.


Keep exploring the rest of the collection which will soon be available on our web-site and you will find more interesting decoration and color solutions. Obviously, for those appreciating everlasting designs and quality eyewear Montblanc sunglasses from summer collection 2013 is just what the doctor ordered.

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