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Fashion Eyewear Persol “Capri Collection”


The feeling of the Mediterranean Island of Capri, Italy, has inspired a new fashion eyewear Persol Capri Collection: еру mix of history, events, culture and nature is what has made it beloved by so many artists, intellectuals, writers and aristocrats over the years. Every handcrafted detail of this frames symbolizes the distinctive architecture of Casa Malaparte, known as the red arrow at the horizon. Lenses are crystal green.


PO 3025

For its new Capri Eyewear Edition Persol took inspiration from an apropos place: the Casa Malaparte. This grand Italian villa sits on a top of the rocky ocean cliff on the Isle of Capri.


PO 3024

Persol crafts eyewear with inflexible Italian excellence, traditional design and careful attention to detail. Society’s elite—from movie stars to celebrities—have favored Persol frames for decades. These Persol luxury sunglasses stand out with scientific innovations and the signature trademark arrows on every pair.

The new Persol Capri Collection is a must-have masterpiece of art.