Julia Roberts Is Persol PO 2873 Sassy For “Eat, Pray, Love” Film

PO 2873

Persol PO 2873sunglasses is ten times more gorgeous on Julia Roberts. She was spotted in this eyewear while out filming her next movie entitled “Eat, Pray, Love.” This is totally the kind of sunglasses that matches her face shape! If you want a vintage-modern look, go for Persol’s PO 2873 sunglasses.
Unlike the typical Persol sunglasses, the PO 2873 model arrives in cat-eye type. In spite of this, the lenses in front are not shaped like a cat’s eye. Instead, it has a pair of semi-rectangular lenses with light solid tints. These lenses are encased in thick semi-wayfarer and cat-eye-shaped frame. And as usual, it arrives with Persol trademark metal features on the upper end pieces that are continuous on the temples.

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