Oakley MP3 Sunglasses for the Music Lover

Oakley MP3

Everybody nowadays has an MP3 player, and if you’ve ever fought with dangling cables which get stuck on doorknobs, in your clothes or on your seat-belt you certainly know how frustrating how this can be. Well, for all those people living in a sunny are or going on vacation, Oakley has found the solution to these problems: they made sunglasses with headphones and an MP3 player integrated right in the frame!
When you want to listen to music, you’ll just have to flip the headphones down into your ears and start playing the music, this makes it easy for you to keep your headphones on even if you’re running or doing other kinds of sports, and it also makes sure that you do not loose your headphones somewhere since they’re always fixed to your sunglasses.
Should you be in some awkward setting you can easily imagine that using headphones which are mounted on these sunglasses is far more discrete than listening to music otherwise, you could easily do on a trip with your family without anybody noticing, or in the car when you shouldn’t be wearing headphones at all!

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