Oakley Sunglasses: Alonso is the new testimonial

We open this month talking about Oakley sunglasses, a brand symbol of quality and experience, well known throughout the world for its very special frames, adapted to live moments of leisure in all practicality and simplicity. Today, however, there will propose a specific pair of glasses, but we will talk about a new news that comes directly from the wonderful world Oakley, a news that will please all lovers of sport, one in particular. Let’s find out what it is.


Air of novelty and change in house Oakley after several members of the sport of cycling and more, the brand has decided to trust in very safe hands of Alonso Formula 1 driver who has been chosen as the face of the famous Oakley sunglasses in Europe and worldwide.
Thanks to the face of the legendary Fernando Alondo, Oakley will become even more loved and appreciated for his sunglasses designed specifically for those who love to live life every day in the company of a pair of sunglasses essential and, at the same time, strong quality through the use of exceptional materials and avant-garde.

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