Oakley Eyewear – Valentino Rossi Series




The Oakley eyewear sport company has presented the new Valentino Rossi Signature Series, a collection of special edition sunglasses. The new frames have several details such as Valentino Rossi’s, the best racer in the history of MotoGP, number and his colors.

With self-confident elegance and bold colors the design of the new fashion eyewear collection, dedicated to Valentino Rossi’s unique personality, is coined by openness and individualism. Yellow accents became the favorite color of the racer, very close to the sun and moon symbols on his helmet. This eyewear theme has also inspired with the design of customized MicroclearTM bags for storage and cleaning of the frame and wheels.

The design of this new eyewear fashion collection are genuine collector’s items, the Valentino Rossi reflect originality and uncompromising. Valentino Rossi is a nine times world champion. Proud seven of those titles he won in the MOR. He has consolidated his position as a legend of motorcycle racing with over one hundred victories in his career and is currently at 79 wins record holder in the MotoGP class.



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