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Police Eyewear Spring / Summer 2013 – Unusual Suspects


Have you ever heard of Police eyewear? You should have – they are in fact a really interesting company. As the name implies they are eligible for the members of the police to wear – that means impeccable design and no frills – just reasonable detailing. Mirrored aviators are their iconic model.

Still this season Police designers (as they themselves put it) have went color crazy – their classy double-bridge aviators now feature absolutely unexpected colors – technicolors according to the Police Eyewear language. They are mirrored sunglasses by the way. And although this design is all the go, not all brands seem to have embraced the trend. There is a more or less traditional sandy hue. But in addition to that there are an orange and green variations.

More than that, if the double-bridge aviators don’t look flattering on you – there is a rectangular design with a black plastic frame featuring the same colors.


This is actually not the whole range of sunglasses Police offers its fans this season. We are going to reveal the rest of the selection later – so for now take your time to enjoy these colorful shades. Police has in fact coined a special term for them – unusual suspects.

Looks like Police brand is showing its true colors. Although we always expected something like that from that – they really are creative – they always have the coolest campaign photos – they look a lot like film posters.Truly unique brand.