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Tory Burch Eyewear Fall 2013


Tory Burch fall collection presentation was quite a show. The luxurious ballroom of the Pierre Hotel decorated with numerous chandeliers provided a perfect setting for the attention-grabbing looks. The main idea behind the collection is Art Nouveau legacy. Flavored with insect theme it turned into a nice collection of clothes and accessories that a woman can wear the whole day from morning to evening. Three pairs of Tory Burch fall sunglasses form a line of eyewear accessories suitable for different occasions.

The item with a nude frame is perfect for light street-style outfits, the one with saturated-blue temples can form a striking look that is elegant and fashion-forward at the same time. And the purple Tory Burch sunglasses are surely designed for dressy events.


The color palette was borrowed from Gustav Klimt’s canvases. Warm hues of yellow, blue and burgundy just radiate Tory Burch’s unique vision of fashion. And now try to imagine all this diluted with insect-inspired detailing. The clothing was decorated with beetle and scarab prints. Tory Burch also mentioned the creations of Art Nouveau jeweller René Lalique as a source of inspiration – and you can see his influence in the catchy bags and jewelry.


The spirit of Tory Burch fall 2013 collection is reflected in every detail. Even the sunglasses capture the essence of insect theme. The flared edges resemble dragonfly wings and the iridescent embellishments on the frames look like the play of light on the carapace of some bug.

Tory Burch winter sunglasses feature a very distinct cat-eye shape. Well, not all cats can boast such curvy eyes. These sunglasses seem to resemble the eyes of insects rather than the eyes of cats – sort of bug-eye sunglasses. These are definitely designed for ultimate fashionistas who like to stand out of the crowd.