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CARRERA Fashion Eyewear Spring-Summer 2012 “After all, no regrets”


The new photos are based on web, blog and social network feedback, as the online CARRERA young generation’s wish list with no regrets.

Alongside the advertising campaign, CARRERA’s “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS” spirit will also be shared through a video in which the CARRERA generation, for the first time ever, will have their say: they will tell us how they live their lives “with no regrets”, how they seize the moment and don’t miss any opportunity that comes along, for a life without regrets.

  • Experience the lack of gravity


  • Set off on a memorable coast to coast trip


  • Dive into the water in a tuxedo


  • Order everything from room service


  • Hitchhike in the sea


  • Send a message to all your friends


The video of the new eyewear campaign is a true manifesto of the “AFTER ALL, NO REGRETS”.

This worldwide CARRERA fashion eyewear advertising campaign will kick off in March and appear in newspapers, magazines and online. It will rapidly spread across the Internet thanks to the use of social media networks.

P.S. Of course, what about your wish list? It will be great if you can share it with us!

CARRERA Escape Brasil Rio de Janeiro


Malvino Salvador, Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank enjoyed the second edition of the Brazilian car exhaust, in Rio de Janeiro. Promoted by eyewear brand CARRERA , the event brought together celebrities and VIPs by the pool at the Hotel La Suite.

Malvino Salvador

Malvino came straight from the recordings of Fina Estampa wearing jeans and polo. “I’m basically on a daily basis, so I leave to be in fashion accessories, such as the CARRERA sunglasses.”

Gagliasso Bruno, Giovanna Ewbank

Overflowing elegance, Bruno invested in look and chose setentinha glasses icon of the era and hair gel. It revealed that Giovanna loves accessories for men and always steals the pieces of her husband’s wardrobe.
The thugs were greeted by Fernanda Paolone, manager of brand marketing.

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