Paris Hilton Wears Sunglasses Carrera Safari


Carrera Safari – bright, trendy sunglasses collection 2012. Their feature – the color of the rim – it can be almost anything: red, yellow, blue, green and classic black, brown.

The Carrera eyewear brand was founded in 1956 as a sport brand, frames that were made to be worn in the fast lane of race car driving and skiing. Original design that strikes a balance between aesthetics and optimum functionality.

The Carrera Safari aviator sunglasses, you will recognize when you see them, with that individual laser sharp styling straight from the 80’s. Carrera Safari sunglasses are defined by the patience, classic and functionality that characterized the history of the brand. Classic sensibility with modernity and infusing excellence with style to make these core standards relevant for now and future fashion generations.

The Carrera Safari has been spotted on celebrities including Kanye West, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton as well. The well-known pop-singer, model, actress and designer choses these summer sunglasses Carrera Safari to protect her eyes from harmful UV rays.

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