What Sunglasses Does Angelina Jolie Wear?


Today in focus of our attention there is a woman that won the title of the sexiest in the world by many experts and common people so many times that she became a typical model in questions of beauty. Lip surgeons earned billions of dollars copying her full passionate lips that drive crazy the biggest part of the world. But besides being beautiful by nature this celebrity developed a good elegant taste. Her humanitarian work worth respect together with the fact that she up brings her numerous international family.


She managed to get in her amorous net one of the most handsome man on the globe and their relationships seem to last forever. Of course, you’ve already guessed that we talk about Angelina Jolie, a style icon of the XXI century. This lady leads a very busy life but despite of that she always looks great in the public eye. She is a master of finding accessories that multiply her merits. We suggest you get acquainted with the latest glasses she chose for herself.

Angelina loves everything unusual. That’s the reason for her choice of Michael Kors’s MKS 523. The model is extremely popular among the celebrities. Eva Mendez, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Newbrought and Eva Longoria also showed their devotion to the designer. The gold accents on the corner of the frame add glitter and glamour (that’s what stars do really like) and the over-sizeness helps to hide their tired eyes after long backbreaking working hours.

To sum everything up, Angelina’s style is impossible to reproduce. It’s unique and can’t be surpassed. She was awarded with good taste and always chooses outfits that suit her well. Her love for glasses is great and she knows what really suits her. Do not try to copy her, but use her as an example of a style icon.

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