Jennifer Aniston Attended GFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Event


Jennifer Aniston is a versatile woman. She was a success at so many spheres like acting, film directing and producing that she managed to become adored by her fans all over the world. She is also famous for her good taste (don’t forget that for many happy years she was a wife of one of the most handsome man in the world – Brad Bitt). And her style is copied all over the world by a crowd of loyal fans. Now we reveal some of her secrets concerning the choice of stylish glasses.

On the 25th of October Jennifer attended GFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Event. The glamour and splendor of Beverly Hills, CA demands the protection from annoying paparazzi. And Miss Aniston decided to hide her deep-blue eyes with the help of Tom Ford’s sunglasses. She already wore the same model earlier in August during her walk. This model is very practical and it goes well together with an official style as well as with the casual one. A rectangular plastic frame accentuates the square shape of Jennifer’s face and wire core temples create a special comfort for those who wear them.

n June the actress was seen at Lax Airport having even second extra pair of glasses. One of them was to protect her from the reports (or maybe the sun was also too bright), the other one was meant to improve her vision. The brand is Oliver People’s. It was Pierson Rounded Wayfarer glasses that is one of the most popular now. This model completes the image of a business lady and creates an aura of seriousness around its owner. Despite of the fact that Jennifer is wearing jeans she looks gorgeous and sexy.


And in another airport in romantic Paris she was caught with Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Metal sunglasses on. The glasses can be described as brutal and cold. And Jennifer looks really cool wearing them. This model is available with different frame and lens color, and a person can choose lens technology that he finds the most appropriate for different occasions. And also her boyfriend found the sunglasses to match his couple. And together they make a good combination of young, rich and ambitions.

Since her first steps on TV Jennifer Anniston was famous for her addiction to glasses. She doesn’t have any complexes because of her poor eyesight. Vice Versa, she made other girls not to be ashamed of wearing spectacles and turn this accessory into a necessary detail of an image of a stylish chic.

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