Ray Ban: Charlotte Casiraghi chooses vintage frame

RB 3016

Charlotte Casiraghi, the famous second daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi, well known in the world of paparazzi and journalists Costume, has been photographed recently wearing a pair of sunglasses last very trendy, glamorous and fashion especially in the world of young lovers in a jaunty style, fresh, youthful, enriched by original small details that make a difference .
Charlotte paparazzi have been very “together” in a fancy pair of sunglasses belonging to the new eyewear collection spring-summer 2010 Ray-Ban, a brand of which we have already spoken in the past, and continues to enjoy success behind alia through collections of consistently high quality and unique design and trendy.
The mount in question is clearly inspired by vintage ’80s, teams, to the outside becomes more elongated and firm, almost to take the famous cat-shaped, typical of the period 50s. Peculiar is the frontal area, where the frame is made thick and goes to give life even to the rods, all made with white background decorated with yellow lines, red and blue.
A pair of sunglasses really special, I’m sure will become very trendy among young people!

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