Jimmy Choo: sunglasses collection 2010


Today I want to refer exclusively to women, more precisely, the entire audience of fashion addicted who consider fashion a real philosophy of life, an element without which they could not absolutely live. I want to refer to this section of the public because the glasses that I propose today to see the world of fashion lovers, for those who just feel even name the Jimmy Choo brand fall into a sort of total ecstasy, just as happened to the famous protagonist I love shopping, which, facing a pair of Jimmy Choo absolutely could not resist.
Today I just want to tell you about this brand so much loved, but not in terms of shoes and accessories, but in terms of sunglasses. The company has launched its latest sunglass collection for spring-summer 2010, a line of sunglasses charm and style undisputed.
In general, this new collection is greatly inspired by the atmosphere of the 60s and 80s, with clear mold frames back, sophisticated and etiquette with strong hints of vintage style eighties. These are sunglasses that reflect fully the philosophy glamorous and chic Jimmy Choo brand for years a symbol of class, elegance and trend.
Particular and of great interest are the three models ROCK, Charley and DYLAN. The first refers to a frame with its ’60s style, a sleek design made it even more special and intriguing by the presence of a small Swarovski crystal square. The second frame and adapt to a girl who loves sports prophetic style aviator sunglasses with lenses, drop, and have the acetate enriched with small studs. The third model is inspired by a decidedly more rock and aggressive style with a wraparound shape and decorated temples in the initial part of a Swarovski crystal and three stars in metal.
Glasses unique that surely will have a great success among the people of fashion victims.

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