Balenciaga: sunglasses chic


We have noticed that the frames of sunglasses you are wearing an air of chic, retro and very intriguing, almost like an accessory with which to emphasize more their femininity and their seductive capacity. Moreover, thinking of the divas of the past with these sunglasses frames with huge, often black, the first thing that comes to mind is to secure their being enormously enchanting and mysterious features that have been lost with time until get to hide or conceal completely, our feminine nature and intriguing.
In this regard, today I want to present a pair of sunglasses Balenciaga really very special atmosphere that reflect past, when these glasses were considered genuine accessories that you could not do without. This is a very special and intriguing subject that will appeal much to all those who love the chic, elegant and vintage.
The glasses in question are very specific: the frame slightly hardened and very rounded, almost exasperated with the slow nuanced shades of brown. The rods, connected through the lenses of gold metal inserts are not linear and simple but have a very unusual wave shape, a detail that gives this pair of glasses look slightly more vibrant and ironic.
A frame that will appeal to lovers certainly a bon ton style with a touch of originality anymore.

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