Fergie Still Wears Jimmy Choo Spark S Again

 Jimmy Choo Spark S

Last week, Fergie was spotted in London hotel wearing her old Jimmy Choo Spark S sunglasses. This eyewear is one of the coolest and funkiest sunglasses ever! So if you ever thought of donning a unique kickass eyewear, take it from Fergie’s Spark S.
Jimmy Choo’s Spark S sunglasses is like a vintage retro eyewear. In front is a funky rectangular shaped-lens in graduated tints for UV/UVB rays protection. These lenses are mounted and protected by the thick and embossed rectangular frames that are made of acetate and metal lining details. Its frame is rather glittery and comes in solid or split color styles.
Wear one of the timeless kickass sunglasses you can find! The Jimmy Choo Spark S will surely spice up your outfit.

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