Boldly Glamorous BVLGARI Sunglasses


BVLGARI sunglasses are the perfect choice for all you ladies who like to add a super glamorous, sophisticated and bold finish to your look. These shades are all about being unafraid of expressing your style and are loved for their exquisite aesthetics, exceptional quality and intrinsic attention to fine detailing.

There are a couple of new BVLGARI styles to look out for this season; the first being the new BV6037 design, which in typical BVLGARI style, is oversized and features a striking off-gold toned frame which extends slightly outside of the lenses (a key trend seen on sunglasses over the past few seasons) and also curves inwards at the exterior edges to add shape and definition. The arms incorporate beautiful diamante hinge detailing which instantly injects an ultra feminine and elegant edge and the lenses are a soft graduated brown tone – perfect for spring and summer whereby you may prefer a lighter toned pair of sunglasses.

A further style to look out for is the exclusive BV8038B pair of BVLGARI sunglasses which again are oversized and feature a thick jet black frame and wide jet black arms with the prominent aesthetic feature being the bold diamante embellished version of the BVLGARI logo elaborately displayed across the length of the arm. This style is also available in brown and bronze tortoiseshell. What is great about BVLGARI sunglasses is that they typically feature one striking element and keep the remainder of the design simple so that the attention to immediately drawn to only one aspect and keeps the overall look of the sunglasses chic but statement.
A pair of BVLGARI sunglasses will make you feel ultra feminine, polished and elegant and also allow you to stand out from the crowd in the most uniquely fashion forward way possible!

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