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Fashion Candy Store from Vogue Eyewear


What will be the new eyewear tendencies in summer 2012? The Vogue company has released a colorful Candy Store eyewear collection! Vogue VO2748 eyeglass frames and Vogue VO2759 Design features sweets and candies colors such as red/pink, brown/yellow, blue, black and tortoiseshell.

Be sure that this headgear is totally individual!

The new Vogue eyewear collection also has two new sunglasses frames the VO2729S and the VO2757S both following the candy theme also.

Hand painted with acrylic, and finished with satin acrylic varnish, there’s no need to worry about the rain! They can be wiped clean with a clean damp cloth too!

Each day you might have any design in any colors! Whatever will be your fancy just be in Vogue with fashion eyewear!